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Islington 1896

Forty-first annual report on the health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Islington

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vicinity, and that Inspector Jordan devoted a considerable portion of
his time in assisting Dr. Leslie Thorne in making the house to house
visitations, which were so successful in stamping out the disease,
and prevented it assuming the proportions of an epidemic.

SUMMARY OF SUMMONSES.—Year ending 31st December, 1896.

"Sale of Food and Drugs Acts, 1875-9 "756224
"Public Health (London) Act, 1891"8472210
"Margarine Act, 1887"34304..

Further particulars of these prosecutions will be given by the Vestry
Clerk in his Annual Report to the Vestry.
In each of the Quarterly Returns a table was given showing the
state of pauperism in the Parish during each week of the several
periods. The following table gives a synopsis of these returns :—

Table XC1I. Showing the State of Pauperism in the Parish during the year 1896.

Quarters.Indoor Paupers, Adults and Children.Average Number Relieved during each week.
Outdoor Paupers.Totals.Totalscorresponding quarter, 1895.VagrantsRelieved.Children Boarded out.Death-rates.
Adults.Children Under 16.
1st Qrter.307622711429677670313011219.71
2nd „281121671264624363282311816.37
3rd „279121591247619862372112015.82
4th „297322651295653465702312016.52