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Islington 1896

Forty-first annual report on the health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Islington

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Work of the Male Inspector (Mr. Geo. West).—Inspector West,
like his colleague Miss Gray, has had a very busy year, and has done a
good deal of good work, varied in character, and beneficial to the health
of the workpeople of the districts. His duties comprise the inspection
of workshops, bakehouses, laundries, and all places in which men work,
as well as of smoky chimneys.
Bakehouses.—He made during the year 1,006 visits to bakehouses
and on 235 occasions had to call attention to dirty conditions, the bulk
of which, however, were not of serious moment. Indeed, it may be
said with very great truth that at the present moment the bakehouses
of the Parish will bear a favourable comparison with those situated in
other districts. In only six instances was it found necessary to serve
notices on the occupiers, as the bakers readily complied with the
Inspector's requirements. The drains in 15 instances were re-constructed,
repaired or improved. In 5 instances new w.c.'s were provided,
and in 7 water supplies were fitted. Additional ventilation was provided
to 5 bakehouses, and 253 were cleansed and whitewashed, 14 had their
yards, floors, and roofs repaired, and additional w.c. accommodation was
procured for 2.
As the summary of the Inspector's report on the accompanying
Table gives very full particulars it will not be necessary to go through
in detail the several workshops which have been visited, but it may be
stated that they include—
Tailors' Shops
Piano Manufacturers
Rag Sorters
Glass Works
Bicycle Works
Balloon Works
Screw Stopper Works
Builders' Shops
Cabinet Makers Shops