London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Islington 1896

Forty-first annual report on the health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Islington

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Table XCI. Giving a summary of the Nuisances discovered by Sanitary Inspectors during the Four Quarters andfor the Year 1896, for the abatement of which notices were served.

1st Quarter.2nd Quarter.3rd Quarter.4th Quarter.The Year.
1.The house or part of the house in a dirty condition9310913898438
2.„ „ in a damp condition72468874280
3.„ in a dilapidated condition47508652235
4.The inlet of surface drain improperly trapped3363022222481,108
5.The water-closet so foul as to be a nuisance225213239219896
6.„ „ without a water supply55514553204
7.„ „ with a deficient supply of water82796665292
8.„ „ improperly constructed so as to be a nuisance4073793093391,434
9.„ „ so defective as to be a nuisance456973102289
10.„ „ stopped2719141474
11.„ „ placed in an improper position51192441135
12.Insufficient external ventilation to water-closet85674659257
13.Insufficient water-closet accommodation1626222488
14.The soil-pipe defective8911579128411
15.„ unventilated208192175184759
16.„ improperly ventilated54748068276
17.The yard in a condition injurious to health by reason of the want of proper paving265209235256965
18.The yard dirty29223127109
19.„ undrained57402756180
20.A gully trap improperly placed within the house101156121184562
21.The waste-pipe of sink directly connected with the drain251194152197794
22.„ „ improperly trapped73723442221
23.„ „ untrapped64484966227
24.„ of lavatory directly connected with the drain1496534
25.„ „ improperly trapped2331119
26.„ „ untrapped20414531137
27.„ of bath directly connected with the drain885627
28.„ „ improperly trapped198523
29.„ „ untrapped27494233151
30.The water cistern so foul as to be a nuisance39474650182
31.„ „ being without a close-fitting cover109147118120494
32.„ „ being placed in an improper position29262424103
33.„ „ defective2656542