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Greenwich 1896

Annual report for the year ending 25th March, 1897

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Table No. 14. IMPROVEMENTS EFFECTED. From 25th March, 1896, to 25th March, 1897.

IMPROVEMENTS.East District.West District.Total.
{Interceptor, chamber & fresh air inlet4951100
{Re-constructed or repaired164246410
{Cleansed and amended353166
{Surface drains constructed237149386
{Traps fixed273396669
{New soil pipes562884
{Drains and soil pipes ventilated6654120
{Cleansed and disinfected88
Water Closets{Closets erected151429
{Pan, trap, and water supply furnished172210382
{Pan and trap only furnished4570115
{Pan only furnished23629
{Water supply furnished61521
{Water supply renewed143246
Ash PitsProvided261264525
PavingsPavings re-laid152240392
General Water Supply{Cisterns repaired and covers adapted122739
{Water supply provided151934
{Water fittings repaired1027981
Other Improvements{Houses generally repaired184462
{Houses cleansed and lime-washed72146218
{Ventilation improved2121
Overcrowding abated156
Illegal use of underground rooms for sleeping discontinued415
Dung Pits provided51520
Other Nuisances abated109339448
Total Improvements193325274460
Total Premises Improved5837021285
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ROBERT FISHER,} Sanitary Inspectors.

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