London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Bermondsey 1893

Report on the sanitary condition of the Parish of Bermondsey for the year 1893

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Pleasant Place
Ship and Mermaid Row
Ness Street
Rouel Road
Gedling Street
Bell Court
Flockton Street
Rose Court
Eldridge Road
Macks Road
Layard Road
Riley Street
Black Swan Yard
Henry Place
Alfred Place
Linsey Grove
Linsey Street
Oxley Street
Woolf Street
Millstream Road
Alexis Street
Sun Street
Maltby Street
Cranbourne Passage
Lockwood Road
Banyard Road
Spa Road
Martin Street
Grigg's Place
Larnaca Street
Stanworth Street
George Row
East Lane
Paulin Street
Pages Walk
Canal Row
Rose Cottages
Susannah Cottages
Orchard Cottages
Suffolk Place
Llewellyn Grove
Kintore Street
Arnold's Place
Princes Road
West Lane
Cherry Garden Place
Ferguson's Rents
Willow Street
Willow Grove
Limasol Street
Rothsay Street
Wood's Place
Alice Street
Hargrave Square
Salisbury Place
Paragon Alley
Yauban Street
Ridge Street
Dunlop Place
Active Place
Hickman's Court
King's Arms Place
Baffins Place
Goulston Buildings
Bermondsey Buildings
Decima Street
Margaret's Rents
Welsford Street
Valentine Place
Marshall's Place
Parker's Buildings
Aberdour Street
"Wilderness Street
Cottage Place
Bombay Street
Medley's Place
Frederick Street
Garden Row
Kirby Street