London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Battersea 1896

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1896

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Sec. 15 renders liable to a penalty of £5 any person wilfully
injuring or destroying any closet or sanitary apparatus, and will
probably be useful in restraining persons from wantonly damaging
Bye.laws are to be made by the authority for the prevention
of nuisances or keeping of animals so as to be a nuisance or
injurious to health, and as to paving yards.
The London County Council has made Bye.laws under the
following sections which are now operative:—
Sec. 16.1.—Removal of fcecal matter.
,, Removal and disposal of refuse.
,, Cleansing and filling up of cesspools and
Sec. 39.1.—Water closets and soil pipes.
„ Ashpits.
,, Receptacles for dung, cesspools, &c.
The Vestry has made Bye.laws under the undermentioned
Sections of the Act:—
Sec. 16.—Prevention of nuisances.
„ 39.—Keeping of water closets.
., 50.—Cleansing of cisterns.
,, 94.—Houses let in lodgings.
These are in active operation, and can be obtained at the
office of the Sanitary Department by any ratepayer desiring a
There are other bye.laws which may be made by the
Sanitary Authority, and which are now under consideration.
They are:—