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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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The proportion of deaths to cases treated is under one
per cent. The respective districts have been altered in extent
and boundaries during the past year and do not correspond with
the districts of former reports, so that no comparison would be
of value.

TABLE XV. Supplemental Return, 1893.] VACCINATION.

Registration Sub-District.Number of Births returned in the Birt.i Lint Sheets—1892.Nos. of those births duly entered by the 31st .liiniuiry, 1893, in Cols 10, 11, and 13. of the Vaccination Register, (Birth List Sheets), viz :—No. of Births which on the 31st Jan. 1893,remai ied unentered in the Vaccination Register on account.Number of those Births remaining 011 31st January neither duly entered in Vaccination Register (Col. 3, 4, .0, and 6 of this Return) nor-accounted in the Report Bk.
Col. 10, successfully vaccinated.Col. Insusceptible of vaccination.Had small-pox.Col. 13, Dead un-vaccinated.Postponement by Medical Certificate.Removed to Districts theirvaccination officers of which have been apprised.Removed to places unknown.
East Batteuska2423168220...177...773202262
West Battersea258917879...229...956217246
Totals ...5012346929...406...1729419508
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This is the return usually given by the Vaccination Officer
at the end of each year. It is always a year in arrear of other
returns and applies only to children born before January 31st,
1893. Out of 5,012 registered births 3,469 have been successfully
vaccinated, 406 have died before vaccination, chiefly
premature births, 172 have been postponed for health conditions,
29 are said to be insusceptible of vaccination, a very
doubtful condition, due probably to failure from the use of
stored lymph, 428 had removed and it is to be hoped have been
vaccinated elsewhere, and 508 are unaccounted for.

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