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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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Eighteen deaths were due to suffocation whilst in bed with
parents, the dates and days of the week being as follows:—
16th January. Monday. 23rd April. Sunday.
22nd „ Sunday. 30th „ Sunday.
29th ,, Sunday. 21st May Sunday.
20th February Monday. 25th June Sunday.
27th „ Monday. 29th October Sunday.
24th March Friday. 15th November Wednesday.
7th April Friday. 5th December Tuesday,
9th „ Sunday. 10th „ Sunday.
20th „ Thursday. 17th „ Sunday.
Differently arranged, the following table shews the
incidence of these cases on the several days of the week. It
must be remembered that the day given is invariably that of
the early morning during which the child is found dead :—
no. of cases.
Sunday 10
Monday 3
Tuesday 1
Wednesday 1
Thursday 1
Saturday -
Total 18
There would seem to be an undue preponderance of fatal
cases on the Sunday morning, due probably to fatigue and, it is
to be feared, in some cases excessive indulgence on Saturday
night. The whole number, however, is small in so large a

Social Position of Persons dying during 1093.

Number.Per Cent.
Nobility and Gentry250.9
Professional Class150.5
Middle and Trading Classes883.2
Industrial and Labouring Classes2,67395.4
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