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Battersea 1893

Report upon the public health and sanitary condition of the Parish of St. Mary, Battersea during the year1893

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TABLE IV. Return of Births and Deaths with other particulars as to the mortality during the several quarters of the year 1893.

Battersea. 1893BirthsDeathsDeaths.Small PoxMeaslesScarlet FeverDiphtheriaWhooping CoughFeverDiarrhoeaCholeraViolenceInquestsPublic Institutions (including Non-parishioners.)
Under 1 Year.Above 60 Years
1st QuarterE6793077870..12271532..926..
2 nd QuarterE5841976627..15131317..1529..
3rd QuarterE58629712638..1641091371718..
4th QuarterE55035810868..3421892711240..
Whole YearE23991159378203..7793846753243113..
Whole Parish52252801842618..901790115141207102237303
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The whole of the births and deaths in the two registration
districts of Battersea, together with additional particulars as to
causes of mortality, will be found in Table IV., which contains
quarterly statistics on these various points.
In Table V. will be found particulars of mean population,
number of births, Birth-rate; number of deaths, Death-rate;
number of deaths from zymotic diseases, including influenza,
measles, and other non-notifiable infectious diseases,, together
with the natural increase of population year by year from 1856;
when modern methods of sanitation may be said to have
originated by the enactment of the Metropolis Local Management
and subsequent Acts, by virtue of which there were
established Local Sanitary Authorities. The whole of the estimated
mean populations have been re-calculated after the
respective census enumerations and with the resulting birth and
death-rates and other data, may be accepted as absolutely
correct. It will be observed that the death-rate has been kept
down to a lower level than when, at the commencement of the
period, the parish was almost entirely rural in character, large

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