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Plumstead 1894

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health

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remained the same as at the census. The population thus estimated
on the number of inhabited houses is only 56,810. This
figure, however, is not intended and cannot properly be used for
statistical purposes, (1) because it is not calculated to the middle
of the year, and (2) because it rests on an improbable assumption.
I have, however, calculated the death-rate and birth-rate on this
population by the wish of the Public Health Committee and
have placed them in Table I. along with the rates which I think
are the more correct. I estimate the population of West
Plumstead for last year to be 17,433 and of East Plumstead
3. In my last report I gave a table shewing the numbers
living in Plumstead at various groups of ages. From this table
I calculated the following to shew hew the age distribution in
Plumstead compares with that in England and Wales.

Numbers living at different ages per 1000 of total population:—

Under 55-1010-1515-2020 2525-3535-4545-5555-6565-75Over 75
England and Wales136120107978914711386593313
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This table is to be read thus: out of each thousand of the
population there are under 5 years 136 in England and Wales,
147 in Plumstead; between 25 and 35, 147 in England and
Wales, 166 in Plumstead, and so on. We see from it that the
age distribution in Plumstead does not vary much from that of

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