London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Plumstead 1894

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health

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Abstract from Mortuary Register for 1894.

Date.Age.Sex.Inquest or No.Post Mortem or No.Cause of Death.
Jan. 1st40 yearsFemaleYesYes.Failure of heart's action from excessive uterine hemorrhage
„ 15th1 monthMaleYesYesConvulsions
„ 27th34 yearsFemaleNoNo
„ 28th8 weeksFemaleYesYesSuffocation
Feb. 6th49 yearsMaleYesYesFatty degeneration of the heart
„ 13th19 monthsFemaleYesYesEmpyema
April 22nd2 monthsMaleYesYesSuffocated by misadventure
May 7th2 yearsMaleYesYesDiphtheria
„ 30th21 years JustMaleYesCommitted suicide by blowing his head off with a gun whilst temporarily deranged
„ 31stbreathedFemaleYesYesSuffocated by smothering under bed clothes
July 7th39 yearsMaleYesYesCommitted suicide during temporary derangement
„ 16thFemaleYesFatty degeneration of the heart, nervous exhaustion caused by excessive snuff taking and chronic Alcoholism
„ 17th32 yearsMaleYesCommitted suicide during temporary derangement
„ 17th42 yearsMaleYesYesNatural causes
Aug. 1st3 yearsMaleYesAccidental death (killed on the up-line on South Eastern Railway bottom of Bannockbnrn Road)
Sept. 26th23 yearsFemaleYesYesNatural causes
Oct. 10th3 weeksMaleYesYes
Nov. 11th25 yearsFemaleYesYesNatural causes
„ 26th4 yearsMaleYesYesDiphtheria
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