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Plumstead 1894

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health

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(A.) Table of DEATHS during the Year 1894 in Plumstead Parish, classified according to Diseases, Ages, and Localities.

Names or Localities adopted for the purpose of these Statistics; public institutions being shown as separate localities. (Columns for Population and Births are in Table B. (a.)Mortality from all causes, at subjoined Ages.(i)Mortality from subjoined causes, distinguishing Deaths of Children under Five Years or Age.
At all ages. (b)Under 1 year. (c)1 and under 5 (d)5 and under 15 (e)15 and under 25 (f)25 and under 65 (g)65 and upwards (h)12345678910111213141516171819202122
Smallpox.Scarlatina.Diphtheria.Membranous Croup.Fevers.Cholera.Erysipelas.Measles.Whooping Cough.Diarrhoea and Dysentry.Rheumatic Fever.Ague.PhthisisBronchitis, Pneumonia and Pleurisy.Heart Disease.Injuries.All Other Diseases.Total.
Typhus.Enteric or Typhoid.ContinuedRelapsingPuerperal
west plumstead1723831565834Under 50231010000057100014023369
5 upwds.0020010010010010221615143103
east plumstead (Exclusive of Union.)43713978292211653Under 5011130000000132392004605104217
5 upwds.12420300110100203334284104220
union workhouse & infirmary16747258861Under 500000000000001000400611
5 upwds.000000001010000031359871156
TOTALS7761811163633262148Under 50314401000001830112006407143297
5 upwds.126204003112003086856213218479
The subjoined numbers have also to be taken into account in judging of the above records of mortality.
Deaths occurring outside the district among persons belonging thereto.69217166244Under 509800000000000000100119
5 upwds.176001000000000081741550
Deaths occurring within the district among persons not belonging thereto.10936136036Under 50000000000000100030059
5 upwds.000000000000000024248539100
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