London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Plumstead 1894

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health

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second individual attacked in the same house. In six houses
there were three patients attacked.
12. Out of the 118 cases of Diphtheria and Croup 39 went
to hospital. There were altogether 40 deaths, 26 being at home
and 14 at the hospital. This gives a death-rate of 32 per cent,
at home and 35 per cent, at hospital. In 1893 the death-rate
was 30 at home and 50 at hospital. It is satisfactory to note
the lower death-rate at hospital. It may be confidently hoped
that when the new remedy for Diphtheria—Antitoxin—comes
to be generally used, the death-rate may be much reduced. The
Asylums Board have earned the gratitude of the public by the
enlightened way in which they have helped to introduce this invaluable

13. The following table shews the cases of Diphtheria and deaths for each quarter of the year:—

Total.Treated in HospitalTotal.In Hospital
1st Quarter49582
2nd „28681
3rd „14472
4th „4922179
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14. The drains at 77 houses in which cases of Diphtheria
occurred were tested by the smoke machine and defects were
found at 38, or just one half. In most cases these defects only

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