London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Plumstead 1893

Annual report 1893-94

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25. My recommendation was rejected and repeated more
than once, the Board appearing to have a fear that it was intended
to enforce a wholesale registration of all houses let in
lodgings. But when it was made clear that permission of the
Sanitary Authority was requisite for the registration of each
separate lodging house, the Board finally decided it was advisable
to adopt some bye-laws but deferred the matter for the
Vestry to deal with as soon as it came into powe r.
County Council Bye-Laws.
26. These bye-laws were issued in the middle of the year
and I lost no time in calling attention to the importance of many
of the provisions they contained. One of these is that house
refuse shall be collected at least once a week. The practice of
the Plumstead Committee is to have a weekly collection where
the dust is brought out by the occupiers, but if the dust is not
brought out its collection depends very much on the activity of
the Sanitary Inspectors.
27. The weekly collection system will very shortly be in
operation over the whole district, but unfortunately there is on
power to compel householders to bring out their dust unless the
collection is daily. This is to be regretted: a bi-weekly collection
would be in my opinion sufficiently often in Plumstead.
The fault of the system as it works at present is that the dust is
left at the very houses where it is most important it should be
regularly removed, viz.: the dirty houses occupied by slovenly
people who will not take the trouble to bring it out.
28. The bye-laws also contain full and particular regulations
as regards the mode of construction of waterclosets, soil pipes,,
drains, &c.