London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Plumstead 1893

Annual report 1893-94

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18. The remedy is to test every new drain and every drain
that is relaid and repaired before it is allowed to be covered in,
as I suggested in my first Annual Report. The Committee have
recently purchased a very excellent smoke testing machine, but
it still remains to make arrangements for one man to be employed
in testing every new drain.
Offensive Trades.
19. A person was found by the Chief Inspector to be carrying
on the business of tripe boiling without the sanction of the
County Council, in breach of S. 19 of the Public Health Act.
The Council being informed proceedings were taken, and a fine
of 40s. and cost inflicted.
Unsound Food.
20. Five seizures of unsound food were made by the
Inspectors, three being meat, one tomatoes and one onions
These were all condemned on being seen by the Magistrate, and
a fine inflicted in each case.
21. I inspected two clay pipe factories. In one the sanitary
conditions were found satisfactory. In the other the ventilation
did not appear to me quite sufficient and the proprietor was
advised as to making it more efficient.
The Arsenal Ditch.
22. The ditches on the levels in the immediate neighbourhood
of the new football ground have been in a dirty and insanitary
condition since the opening of that ground, the neighbouring