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At present we're only open to existing members of the library. You'll need to follow our new safety measures and have a ticket to enter the Wellcome Collection building. Visits to the library can be booked in three-hour time slots. Find out all you need to know on the Wellcome Collection website.

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Conditions of use

Book open on page depicting cityscape of Nuremberg. By Hartmann Schedel. Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Computer Use Policy

John Banester giving the visceral lecture at Barber-Surgeons' Hall, London, in 1581. Oil painting after Jack Orr. Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Collections Development Policy

Plate LVI. The microscopic anatomy of the human body in health and disease. By Arthur Hill Hassall. Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Exhibition Loan Conditions

A lecture on pneumatics at the Royal Institution, London. Coloured etching by J Gillray. Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Conservation and Collections Care Policy

The liberation of the elephant (gajendramoksa). By Nanda and Mukunda. Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Use of electronic resources

Nikola Tesla, with his equipment for producing high-frequency alternating currents. Credit: Wellcome Library, London