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You'll need to follow our new safety measures and have a ticket to enter the building. Visits to the library can be booked in three-hour time slots. Find out all you need to know on the Wellcome Collection website.

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Developing and caring for our collections

This section describes how the Wellcome Library builds its physical and digital collections, and how the collections are maintained for future researchers.

Our collections are continually growing and responding to researcher needs. In addition to generous donations of books, journals, physical and digital archives, we welcome recommendations from Library members.

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Donating material

"If he should fall is your blood there to save him?" Picture of a soldier going into battle. From the Blood Transfusion Service.  Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Digital curation

Computer-generated image of a boy with a computer chip in his head. Credit Adrian Cousins, Wellcome Images

Collecting Genomics

Output from an automated DNA sequencing machine used by the Human Genome Project to determine the complete human DNA sequence. Credit: The Sanger Institute, Wellcome Images

Collection care

Conservation techniques on a fragile manuscript at the Wellcome Trust. Credit: Wellcome Library, London