The Library can be exceptionally busy between April-June. We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but we may need to turn away day visitors if all study spaces are full.

Bank holiday

Wellcome Library is closed from 29 April-1 May 2017. We will re-open on 2 May at 10.00.

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Find out what you need to know to plan your visit to the Wellcome Library.

How to find us

People travelling on different types of transport. Coloured etching by Paul Pry.  Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Opening hours

L'horloger, the female clock and watch maker with clock costume and apparatus. Coloured engraving by Martin Engelbrecht. Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Food, drink and cloakroom

A lobster seated at a table, helping himself from a bowl of salad. Drawing by G Hope Tait.  Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Access for visitors with disabilities

Hands showing the sign language alphabet. Coloured etching. Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Booking a tour or visit

John Dee performing an experiment before Queen Elizabeth I. Oil painting by Henry Gillard Glindoni. Credit: Wellcome Library, London