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    more easily done if we attack their breeding places as the following account of the development of the fly shows. "In the spring the female fly lays her eggs on manure heaps, ashpits or any collection of moist refuse and lays about 120 eggs at each

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    you can kill thousands by the second plan. A consideration of the life history of the fly will show why the first plan is not likely to succeed. "In the spring the female fly lays her eggs on manure heaps, ashpits or any collection of moist refuse

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    subject, and to whom I am indebted for many suggestions, I am having a spot map of "fly lairs" prepared, so that those places which breed a large number of flies will be kept under observation with a view to systematic cleansing."

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    sleeping sickness which is spread by the tsetse fly. The last insect which has come to be suspected is the common house fly and allied species such as blue-bottles, manure flies, etc. During the last two years investigations have been carried on

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    Register are as follows: — Tripe boiler 1 Glue and size makers 4 Fellmongers 3 Fat melters 4 Manure manufacturer 1 Summer diarrhœa and Flies. The following reports were made to the Council, who gave instructions for a copy of the handbill to be

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    Disinfection 48 Cleansing of Persons Act, 1897 48 Smoke Nuisances 48 House Refuse 48 Offensive Trades 49 Summer Diarrhoea and Flies 49 Health Visitors' Work 54 Babies' Class 55 Maternity and Child Welfare 56 Voluntary Tuberculosis Dispensary 64 Hairdressers

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    52 Summer Diarrhaa and Flies. Nothing special was done in the continuance of this campaign, owing partly to shortage of staff, and inspectors being engaged

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    Offensive Trades. The offensive trades on the Register are as follows:-
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    offensive trades on the Register are as follows:- Tripe boiler 1 Glue and size makers 4 Fellmongers 3 Fat melters 4 Manure manufacturer 1 D2 51

    Table on page 88
    Table XII.—Sanitary Work, 1915.
    Mr. Grice.Mr. Merryman.Mr. Golds.Mr. Cockburn.
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    be abolished, and their place, taken by glazed stoneware sinks. (8) Flies. Although the presence of flies in a dwelling house cannot be said to render that dwelling house insanitary, yet in effect it does. During last summer flies were not greatly

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    whose special home seems to be Bermondsey. Its usual breeding place we found corroborated previous observers in the fact of its breeding in some decomposing animal matter in the yards of glue and size works. The additional fact was gleaned that

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    Offensive Trades. The offensive trades on the Register are as follows: —
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    offensive trades on the Register are as follows: — Glue and size makers... 4 Tripe boiler 1 Fatmelters 4 Fellmongers 3 Manure Manufacturer.. 1 16

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    have again visited Mr. Morgan's cowhouses, near the Alma School. The statements respecting the hour at which the manure is removed are conflicting. I have recommended that notice should be sent to your sanitary officers at the time when it is

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    Mr. GODDARD'S STABLES, Rothsay Street. — Offensive accumulation of manure removed, dung pit covered. Mr. PEARSON, Leather Merchant, 5-7, Whites Grounds.—Drains reconstructed and ventilated,

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    WHITEHEAD'S STABLES, 31, Fendall Street. —Offensive accumulation of manure removed, dung pit constructed. Mr. BRILEY, Carman, 215, Long Lane.—Offensive accumulation of manure removed, dung pit constructed in accordance with L.C.C. bye-laws,

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    Mr. ISAACSON'S STABLES, Leather Market.— Accumulation of manure removed. Mr. WELLS, 159, Long Lane.—Drains reconstructed, dung pit provided, accumulation of manure removed, watercloset accommodation provided for workpeople.

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    for London of a nuisance arising from the removal of manure from the cowsheds of Mr. Morgan in Southwark Park Road. I have inspected the premises to-day and did not find any nuisance. If the manure is removed two or three times a week and the process

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    condition good. SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY Co., Willow Walk. —Water-closets cleansed and reconstructed, accumulation of manure removed. LEATHER MARKET, Weston Street.—Urinal and W.C. cleansed. Messrs. CASTELL & BROWN, Confectioners, 122, Spa

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    repaired. Mr. YOUNGMAN, Brushmaker, 78, Alscot Road.— W.C. accommodation provided for workpeople, receptacle for manure provided. LAUNDRY, 315, Southwark Park Road.—Drains reconstructed, yard paving repaired, wash-houses cleansed. LAUNDRY,

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    for workpeople. Mr. SHAW, Leather Merchant, Wild's Rents.—Dung pic constructed, yard paved, accumulation of manure removed. Mr. BEDWIN, Laundry, 27, Crosby Row. —Sanitary condition good. Mr. LEE, Furrier, 31, Crosby Row.— Sanitary condition

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    cleansed. Messrs. WHITE, COTTELL & Co., Vinelar Works, 101, Long Lane.—Receptacle for dung provided, accumulation of manure removed, walls of W.C. cleansed. Mrs. WILLCOX, Milliner, 52, Parker's Row.—Sanitary condition good. Mr. WALKER, Leather

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    237, Long Lane. —Additional W.C. accommodation provided for females. Messrs. CARNOT BROS., Confectioners, 7, Suffolk Place.—Separate W.C. accommodation provided for females, men's W.C. altered so as not to open directly into the workroom.

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    Bye-laws. Mr. MARSH, Tin Plate Worker, 124, Spa Road.— Separate W.C. accommodation provided for females. STABLES, 71, Abbey Street. — Offensive accumulation of manure removed. MACHINE RULERS, 154, Snowsfields. —Flushing apparatus in W.C. repaired,

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    grounds, ashes, etc. Mr. WILSON, Chair Maker, 181, Drummond Road. — Dung pit constructed, offensive accumulation of manure removed, defective stackpipe repaired, flushing apparatus in men's W.C. repaired, additional W.C. accommodation provided

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    FOSTER'S STABLES, New Church Street.—Accumulation of manure removed, dung pit constructed in accordance with Bye-laws. Messrs. CHRISTMAS & CO., Packing Case Makers, Suffolk Place.—W.C.

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    —Offensive accumulation of manure removed, dung pit constructed in accordance with Bye-laws, yard drained and paved. Messrs. CURTIS & SONS, Furniture Depository, 72, Maltby Street. —Offensive accumulation of manure removed, dung pit

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    repaired, defective stackpipe repaired. Mr. CONNOR'S STABLES, 75, Weston Street.-Offensive accumulation of manure removed, dung pit constructed in accordance with Bye-laws.

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    SCHULZE'S STABLES, Balaclava Road.—Dung pit constructed in accordance with Bye-laws, offensive accumulation of manure removed. Messrs. BENNETT & Co., Corn Stores, Mill Street.— Drains reconstructed with inspection chamber, interceptor

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    accommodation provided for females, W.C. furnished with water supply, premises furnished with suitable water supply. Mr. ROGERS, Sack Maker, Tyer's Gateway.—W.C. cleansed and furnished with water supply, separate W.C. accommodation provided for

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    pipe repaired. Messrs. SPARKS & WHITE, Druggists, 13, Baden Place. —Separate W.C. accommodation provided for females. Messrs. PLIMSOLL BROS., Bedstead Works, 98, Bermondsey Wall.—Dung pit constructed in accordance with Bye-laws. Messrs.

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    received, that fish refuse is not taken except during the winter months, that stable manure, peat manure and rag refuse are received between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5.30 p.m., and that everything of the nature of manure which has been brought to the

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    males being 23.0, and that of females 19 7. In Bermondsey, within the limits of the Parish, the death-rate of females exceeds that of males, but when hospital cases are included, the male deathrate is 2.0 higher than the female. The number of males

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    fire-hoses; grain had completely blocked the sewer for the whole length of the street. The weather was warm and a plague of flies was anticipated and, indeed, was present almost at once. Great difficulty was experienced in obtaining labour and transport;

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    Olave's Hospital: 24th September, 1940: H.E. 13th August, 1944: Fly bomb. 14th November, 1944: Rocket. 3rd March, 1945: Fly bomb. 26th March, 1945: Rocket. 28 Fly bombs; 9 Rockets ; and approximately 1,000 H.E's fell on the Borough. Total killed

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    for Scabies:— Number treated Number of baths given Adult Females 341 795 Adult Males 167 529 Children, Females (School Age) 268 1,263 Children, Males ( „ „ ) 259 1,350 Children, Females (Under School Age) 56 114 Children, Males ( „ „ „ ) 69 149

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    45 45 to 55 55 to 65 65 and upwards Total - - 12 - - 2 3 2 2 Pulmonary Males 3 - - - 2 3 1 2 - - „ Females 8 - - - Non-Pulmonary Males - - - - - - 1 - 1 - - - - - - - - „ Females - - - - - - -

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    Period Between Notification and DeathRespiratory SystemOther Forms
    MalesFemalesTotalPercentage of Total DeathsMalesFemalesTotalPercentage of Total Deaths
    Table on page 24
    New cases of Tuberculosis coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health during the above-mentioned period, otherwise than by formal notification :-
    Age Periods0 to 11 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 5555 to 6565 and upwardsTotal
    Table on page 30
    Table on page 30
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    Period Between Notification and Death Respiratory System Other Forms Males Total Males Females Total Percentage of Total Deaths Percentage of Total Deaths Females Not notified 6 - 6 12.77 2 - 2 100.00 0-1 month 1 - 1 2.13 - - - - 1-3 months 3 3 6 12.77

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    Hall. Both St. Olave's Hospital and the Rotherhithe Town Hall were subsequently very seriously damaged, twice by flying bombs and twice by rockets, and Guy's Hospital, the only other hospital connected with the Borough, also suffered damage,

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    pected deliberate infection of the cargo, and there were some anxious minds for a long time afterwards. As well as the risk of infection

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    (30) EXTRACTS FROM VITAL STATISTICS, 1944. Births. Registered— Total Males Females Live Births Legitimate 800 402 398 Illegitimate 46 30 16 Total Males Females Stillbirths 26 15 11 Rate per 1,000 total (live and still) births .. 30 Notified

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    Mr. Knight. These premises are used as an artificial Manure manufactory. There is a great accumulation of animal and other refuse, also a considerable amount of mixed manure, which must in progress of conversion have been productive

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    quality of from 12 to 13 sperm candles. I have inspected also the premises at Keating's row, used as an artificial Manure manufactory; there was an accumulation of putrid fish refuse in a most offensive condition, —also a deposit of night soil.

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    1 fatal case of Small Pox. We are free from other Zymotic diseases. There is improvement in the premises used for a Manure factory, in the rear of Jamaica row; I have visited them on several occasions, and shall continue to exercise thereon a strict

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    Chairman and Gentlemen, —At half-past 10 o'clock A.M. on the 12th inst. I visited the premises of Mr. Powell's, fish Manure manufactory, I was attracted thereto by the peculiar offensive odour, and suffocating vapour, produced by the combination

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    in 1 instance, and there was 1 death from Diptheria On the morning of the 27th ult. about two o'clock, I visited the Manure factory by Jamaica row, so frequently brought before the

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    visit. The premises occupied by Mr. Knight at St. James' Wharf, Bermondsey Wall, which are used as an artificial Manure manufactory, I have visited on several occasions. The proprietor has broken faith with me and the Vestry, as he promised

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    excess of the average, towards the end it increased very considerably. The births in the week were 36. The artificial Manure manufactory in Keating's row, has again given cause for complaint from various quarters. On the 18th inst. I repeated my

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    fish manure from this week ; to direct careful examination of all manure which may be brought to the station, and the refusal of what is objectionable, and to load all manure as far away from the school as is practicable. I am informed that all manure

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    undergoing any process which might be construed as the manufacture of manure. Some years ago the question was raised as to whether this firm had not established anew the business of a manure manufacturer within the meaning of the Act, inasmuch as they

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    disinfection. Cleansing of Persons Act, 1897. During the year under report 31 male adults, 4 female adults, 1,362 male and 1,287 female children used the Verminous Baths and had their clothing disinfected. The total number of articles disinfected

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    in the shape of micro-organisms is bourne by flies. At the time of writing, the Council have issued a handbill which will be distributed to every house in the Borough on the importance of the destruction of flies and a detailed report will be given

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    beneath ground floor ... 4 1 1 1 ... 2 1 2 7 Dung receptacles provided or repaired ... ... ... 1 5 5 1 13 Accumulations of manure removed ... ... ... - - 1 Separating w.c. and domestic water supplies ... 2 ... 3 ... 64 34 80 13 25 336 Effective means taken

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    Lane.—Pan in W.C. cleansed, W.C. furnished with suitable water supply and apparatus for flushing, accumulation of manure removed. Mr. BRILEY, Carman, 209, Long Lane.—Dung pit reconstructed in accordance with London County Council's byelaws.

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    in W.C. repaired, flushing apparatus in W.C.'s repaired, walls of urinals and W.C.'s cleansed, accumulation of manure removed. Mr. BIRD'S Stables, 7, Wild's Rents. —Dung pit reconstructed and furnished with a cover. Mr. RENTALL, Wheelwright,

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    Road. —Walls and ceilings of workrooms cleansed. SPA ROAD BEVERAGE CO., Loftie Street.—Offensive accumulation of manure removed. Mr. SIBBERTSON, Helmet Maker, 67, Grange Walk.— Flushing apparatus in men's W.C. repaired. THE WEST KENT BREWERY

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    Mr. CRACE, Packing Case Maker, 66, Page's Walk.—Pan in W.C. cleansed, accumulation of manure removed. Messrs. POTTERS, Picklers, 203, Long Lane.—Accumulation of manure removed. Messrs. BROCKWELL and SON, Glue Manufacturers, 105, Bermondsey

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    Mr. BRADEN'S STABLES, 10, Whites Grounds.—W.C. pan cleansed, accumulation of manure removed. Mr. BRADEN, Miller, 20 Whites Grounds.—W.C. pan cleansed. Mr. HOLDER'S STABLES, 2a Stork's Road.—W.C. pan cleansed,

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    flushing, pan and trap, and drained direct into public sewer, suitable receptacle provided for dung, accumulation of manure removed. DOCKHEAD METAL CO., 91 —96, Bermondsey Street.— Pans cleansed of men's W.C's. Messrs. KERR and CO., Leather Dressers,

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    provided to dung-pit, women's W.C. furnished with suitable supply of water, and properly ventilated, accumulation of manure removed. Mr. HANDSLEY, Wholesale Milk Dealer, Crimscott Street. —W.C. pan cleansed. Mr. BRADEN, Miller, 3, Whites Grounds.—W.C.

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    apparatus in W.C. repaired. Mr. COOK, Confectioner, Kintore Street.—Pan in men's W.C. cleansed, accumulation of manure removed, walls and ceilings of workrooms cleansed and limewashed. LAUNDRY, 57, Southwark Park Road.—Flushing apparatus

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    Flockton Street.— Pan in W.C. cleansed, walls and ceiling of workrooms cleansed and limewashed, accumulation of manure removed. Mr. MOORE, Currier, 24, Richardson Street. —W.C. furnished with suitable water supply and apparatus for flushing.

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