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Rotherhithe 1877

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Rotherhithe]

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The income of this Gift ha- not yet come into the possession of the Rector and
Churchwardens, the tenant for life being still alive, and of the age of 77 years or
The Vestry have given directions for the preparation of a revised Statement of
the Estate, Rent charge, Gifts, Grants and Charity School- belonging to this Parish,
which will be published in due course.
The Thames Steam Ferry adjoining Church Stairs, Rotherhithe, was formally
opened by the Lord Mayor, of London, on the 31st day of October, 1877, on which
occasion, the vestry caused a suitable address to be prepared and the same was presented
to his lordship at the opening ceremony by Mr. Churchwarden Foottit on behalf of
the vestry, the vestrymen and officers being in attendance, after which the Lord Mayor
in his couch accompanied by the Vestrymen and Officers, was conducted across the
Thames upon the company's ferry boat.
The bill for the formation of a subway commencing at the Horns Stairs, passing
under the bed of the River Thames and terminating on the opposite shore in the parish
of Limehouse has passed into Law, but the promotors have taken no action at present
for the carrying out of the scheme.
In October 1877, the Vestry caused a memorial to the Metropolitan Hoard of
Work- to be prepared, urging that the Board would take into immediate consideration,
the question of the Tooley Street improvement, and the Jamaica Road and the Union
Road improvements, with the view to the putting in force without delay the provisions of
the Act referring thereto, and for the speedy carrying into effect of the said improvements.
The aid memorial was presented to the Metropolitan Board of Works on the day of October, 1877, by Messrs. Robert Foottit, Robert Allen, Henry Hayward,
Thomas William Clarke, Lawrence Stevens, and James Powell, a deputation appointed
by the Vestry for that purpose.
The Vestry subsequently received the following reply from the Metropolitan Board
of Works
Metropolitan Board of Works,
Spring Gardens, S.W.
15th November, 1877.
Referring to the Memorial presented to the Board by a Deputation
from the Vestry of Rothcrhithe on the 26th ultimo, asking the Board to take in hand
at once the widening of Tooley Street, and the Jamaica Road and nion Road,

Charity Estates, &c.

The accounts of Messrs. Robert Foottit and Edward James Talbot, Churchwardens, for the year 1877-78 have been audited, and the following is a copy of the Charities Account, viz.:—

To balance received from late Churchwardens28174
„ Cash received, Plaistow Estate12169
„ „ Stratford Estate36510
„ „ Smith's Charity4500
„ „ Plaistow Estate12169
„ „ Stratford Estate36510
„ „ Bennett's Charity900
„ „ Hill and Bell's Charity600
„ „ Coat and Cloak Charity600
„ „ Mrs. Embleton's Gift5010
„ „ Return of Property Tax2180

By Cash paid for Bread, viz.:—

By Cash Treasurer of Charity School300
„ Bennett's Charity, distributed in 1/- tickets900
Carried forward£16340