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Shoreditch 1931

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch]

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Medical Mission of the Good Shepherd, Harman Street, Hoxton.
Amount payable in respect of discontinued Ministry grant, £176 4s. 8d.
At this Institution there are ten cots for the treatment of babies and young
children suffering from acute medical conditions. Cases are frequently
accepted for admission on the recommendation of the Maternity and Child
Welfare Department.
These wards are under the care or Dr. W. E. A. Worley, who visits daily,
and is available at any time in case of emergency.
During the year 70 children were admitted. The particulars of the conditions
from which they were suffering are as follows : —
Pneumonia 6
Septic Pneumonia 1
Broncho-Pneumonia 7
Bronchitis 24
Scurvy Rickets 1
Otorrhoea 2
Pyelitis 2
Breast Abscess 1
Stomatitis 1
Vomiting 2
Diarrhœa 4
General Debility 1
Wasting 9
Diarrhoea and Vomiting 8
Circumcision 1
There were seven deaths.
At this Institution there are also two midwives who take cases in the
surrounding district, but this part of the work does not rank for grant, and
accordingly does not come under the supervision of the Maternity and Child
Welfare Committee.
The Nursing staff which has been strengthened during the year is now
as follows : Matron (Miss D. Edenborough), Sister, Night Nurse, three
Two cots which were of old and faulty design have been replaced by
new, and all are now quite satisfactory.
Reference must be made to the sad loss sustained by this Mission and by
the parents and children of the district in the death of Miss Shelley, who had
held the post of Matron for many years. The Maternity and Child Welfare
Committee placed on record their deep regret at her death and their appreciation
of the very fine work she has done in the Borough. These sentiments
are shared by all who knew Matron Shelley and her work.
Tour in Holland.
Special leave of absence to join this tour was granted to Miss Hunt, one
of the Health Visitors, who submitted the following report to the Maternity
and Child Welfare Commitee : —
Madam, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Holland Tour
(22nd May to 7th June), 1931.
This Tour was arranged by the Association of Women Public Health
Officers with the assistance of Dr. Josephus Jitta of the Ministry of Health
of Holland.