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London County Council 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for London County Council]

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Main Drainage.
the Council appealed to the Court of Appeal and to the House of Lords. Subsequently, by
arrangement, the outlet pipe from the station was extended under the company's premises into the
bed of the River Thames, thus removing the cause of complaint. The company's claim, amounting to
£1,073 6s. 7d. for damage sustained in connection with the construction of the new outlet under their
property, was settled during the past year for £886 13s. 3d., the Council, in addition, granting the
company a licence to build over the sewer under certain conditions for safeguarding the sewer.
In addition to the works included in the enlargement and flood relief schemes which had for their
object specifically or incidentally the relief of sewers in the Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth—
(i.) the Wandsworth and Battersea relief sewer; (ii.) the Falcon-brook pumping station, and (iii.) the
southern low-level sewer No. 2, it has been found necessary owing to the very large development of
building operations in the borough since the schemes were prepared to undertake further works as
(i.) A relief sewer from the junction of Balham High-road and Tooting Bec-road to
the river Graveney ; (ii.) the improvement of certain portions of the waterway of the river
Graveney ; and (iii.) a sewer (the Wandle-valley sewer) with branches, from the Wandle
sewer extension near Mitcham-road to the Wandle sewer at Summerstown to relieve the
low lying areas in the valley of the rivers Wandle and Graveney.
A contract amounting to £34,319 has been let for (i.) and (ii.). The preliminary work of making
drawings, etc., in connection with the Wandle-valley sewer, which is estimated to cost £100,000, is
in hand.
into sewers.
Section 9 of the London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1894, prohibits the discharge
into any sewer of the Council, or any sewer or drain communicating therewith, of any chemical or manufacturing
or trade or other liquid refuse, or any waste steam, condensing water, heated water, or other
liquid of a temperature exceeding 110 deg. Fahr., which either alone, or in combination with other
matters or liquid in a sewer, may cause a nuisance, or involve danger or risk of injury to the health
of persons entering the sewers, or be injurious to the structure or materials of the sewers or works of
the Council. Copies of an order made by the Council on 20th December, 1898, under section 10
of the Act, prohibiting the discharge of dangerous substances into sewers, were served during
the year upon a number of persons licensed under the Petroleum Acts, and carrying on businesses such
as might produce residues which would be dangerous if discharged into sewers.
Building over
By sections 204 and 68 ot tne Metropolis Management Acts of 1855 and 1862 respectively, the
erection in, on, over, or under any sewer of a building, wall, bridge, fence, etc., without the previous
consent of the Council is prohibited. During the year 28 licences to build over sewers were granted.
Repairs, etc.
The principal works of repair, etc., undertaken during the year, and the expenditure sanctioned
therefor in each case were as follows:—
Barking Outfall.—Repairs to pier and dolphin, £1,050 ; repairs to liming station, £520;
erection of store building, £350 ; repairs to river wall, £250.
Crossness Outfall.—New centrifugal sludge loading engines, £4,850 ; new condensers to
beam engines, £500 ; repairs to water settling pond, £300.
North Woolwich Pumping Station.—Overhaul of engines and pumps, £500.
Northern Outfall Sewer.—Repairing bridge over Waterworks river, £500.
Main Sewers.—Reconstruction of Ranelagh sewer at Chelsea, £8,100 ; culverting Stamfordbrook
sewer in Old Oak-common-lane, £3,000.
Repairs to Sewers.—Counters-creek river outlet, £1,500 ; Ravensbourne and Sydenham
£1,500 ; Ranelagh (in Paddington), £1,000 ; Limekiln Dock, £1,000; Fleet (Argyle branch),
£500 ; Nightingale-lane, £500 ; King's Scholar's-pond, £250.
Overhaul and repair of Sludge Vessels.—£6,785.

Section 69 of the Metropolis Management Act, 1855, provides that no new local sewer shall be Local sewer made without the previous approval of the Council and during the year sanction was given for the construction of local sewers as shown in the subjoined table.

Size.North of Thames.South of Thames.Total length.
3 ft. 9 in. by 2 ft. 6 in225225
2 ft. 6 in350350
2 ft. 3 in510510
2 ft530(a)530
1 ft. 6 in290290580
1 ft. 3 in2,695(6)1,435(e)4,130
1 ft7,210(c)9,745(f)16,955
9 in4,260(d)8,865(g)13,125
6 in215(h)1,0451,260

(a) Reconstruction 530 feet.
(b) Including reconstruction 2,255 feet.
(c) „ „ 2,900 „
(d) „ „ 2,315 „
(e) Including reconstruction 575 feet.
(f) „ „ 5,125 „
(g) „1,640 „
(h) „ ,, 85 ,,