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St Pancras 1920

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, Metropolitan Borough]

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In the following statement certain additional details of the individual centres are set
out: —
St. Pancras School for Mothers.— This institution has two centres :—
(a) 1, Ampthill Square, N.W. 1. This is a detached house used solely for the
purpose, the rent. rates and taxes being paid by the Council. In addition to
the usual consultations the centre maintains (out of voluntary funds) :—
A dental clinic (dental surgeon, Mr. Geo. Thomson, L.D.S.) at which the
total attendances of mothers in 1920 were 301, and of young
children 72.
An observation day-nursery for children who need special care, at which
there were 2207 daily attendances in 1920.
A massage clinic, during the last 4 months of the year only, during
which time 164 attendances of children were made.
Cbeap dinners for mothers and children : 2347 dinners for mothers and
2483 for toddlers were provided in 1920.
During the year the weekly infant consultations were increased from 3 to 5,
one being conducted by the Council's Assistant Medical Officer.
(b) 6, Chalton Street, N.W. 1. These are mission premises in part-time use, and
the rent is re-paid by the Council. In 1920 the weekly infant consultations
were increased from 1 to 3, and a fortnightly ante-natal consultation was
started, the latter and one infant consultation being taken by the Council's
Assistant Medical Officer.
Dr. Matilda Hunt resigned in June on going abroad, Dr. M. J. Pirret was appointed
in January. The number of consultations was also increased during the year by the Council's
Assistant Medical Officer taking consultations at Ampthill Square and at Chalton Street. In
June the health visiting staff at Ampthill Square was increased by the appointment of Mrs. S.
C. Chapman as assistatnt and at Chalton Street by converting the appointment of the Superintendent,
MissE. L. Savory, to full-time, and the appointment of Miss M. Manger as assistant.
North St. Pancras School for Mothers.—This institution has two centres :—
(a) 129, Queen's Crescent, N. W. 5. The centre was moved to this address in
September from the part-time mission building premises at 39, Rhyl Street.
The new centre is a private house used solely for the purpose, and the Council
pay the rates and taxes and an annual sum in lieu of rent. At the same time
the weekly infant consultations were increased from 2 to 4, Dr. J. Finch
Haines and Dr. Muriel Radford being appointed for the new work.
(b) Grafton Road Centre.—This is held in rooms provided by the Council at the
Public Baths, Prince of Wales Road, N.W. 5. In November the weekly
infant consultations were increased from 1 to 2, Dr. A. R. Roche being
appointed for the purpose. At the end of 1920 the management of this
centre was taken over from the North St. Pancras School for Mothers by a
special voluntary committee.
The health visiting staff of the centres was strengthened by the appointment, in
September, of Miss Eva'Boyd Johnston as superintendent of the Grafton Road Centre, leaving
the three other health visitors for the work of the Queen's Crescent Centre only. In June
Mrs. E. E. Bruce was appointed in place of Miss L. Benedict, resigned.