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This guide highlights primary source material from the Archives and Manuscripts Collection, relating to the counties of South-east England. It includes information about local families, individuals and organisations.

Kent, Surrey, Sussex (East and West). Areas falling within the county of Greater London as set up in 1965 (for example, those falling within one of the modern-day London Boroughs) are excluded from this guide and are covered in the history of London guides.

John Langley (alive around 1494-1510), gentleman, Knowlton, Kent
Record of payments, 1494-1510.
Reference: MS.399

Waylett family, Kent
Recipe books compiled by William Waylett (1636-?1702) and his grandson William Waylett (1728-1815), man-midwife, Lydd, Kent, 1657-1815.
Reference: MS.4979-80

Miscellaneous papers of William Waylett (1728-1815) and of his nephew and successor in practice Thomas Sargent (died 1823). Chiefly accounts, bills and material concerning the administration of Waylett's estate, 1717-1826.
Reference: MSS.5625-7

Papers on the life of William Waylett (1728-1815), man-midwife, Lydd, Kent, by the physician and antiquary Frederick William Cock (1858-1943) (see also under Cock) c.1895-1931.
References: MSS.1698, 4979, 5625 and 5628

Sir George Ent (1604-1689), physician
Indenture between Lettice Ride of Chertsey, Surrey, and Sir George Ent, for the mortgage of land and property belonging to Ride at Chertsey, plus document transferring Ent's interest to Edward Chapman of Chertsey, 1666-72.
Reference: MS.5649

Benjamin White (1632-1713), physician, Lewes
Letter to the accoucher and court physician Hugh Chamberlen the elder (alive around 1634-1720), giving details of the preparation of a pill and mentioning the death of Juliana Gage, third wife of Thomas Gage of Bentley in Framfield, East Sussex, 1674.
Reference: MS.7671/6

William Day (alive around 1688), surgeon, Faversham, Kent
Deposition as part of a Chancery case, concerning an operation carried out by Thomas Elvy, surgeon, of Ashford, 1688.
Reference: MS.2070

Sandwich, Kent
Order from Henry Sidney, Earl of Romney, to the mayor and jurats of Sandwich, to release Alexander Mills and Nicholas Greenwood from prison unless they are justly confined, 1695.
Reference: MS.7072/22

Recipe book, possibly with a Kentish provenance (authorities cited include a Mr Weeks of Maidstone)
17th-early 18th centuries.
Reference: MS.7818

Medical apprentices, Sussex
List of Sussex medical apprentices, 1710-1752, compiled by Alec William James Haggis (1889-1946) c.1937-46.
Reference: MS.5353

See material relating to Haggis's work in the General section.

Nicholas Gaynsford (alive around 1712-13), Hartfield, East Sussex
Case notes and medical recipes written by Nicholas Gaynsford, apparently apprenticed to Dr George Willett (died 1729) at Groombridge and recording Willett's treatment of patients in Sussex and Kent; mentioning other medical practitioners in the area, apparently including Thomas Fuller (1654-1734) of Sevenoaks, 1712-3.
Reference: MS.6919

George Bayly (1694-1771), physician, Chichester
Casebook, 1716-57.
Reference: MS.1110

George Fawler Tilsley (born 1695), Rector of Chartham, Kent
Commonplace book, later used as a recipe book, c.1720-90.
Reference: MS.4116

John Milner MD (1687-1724), Aylesford, Kent
Papers concerning lawsuit arising from Milner's dying intestate, 1729.
Reference: MSS.3550-1

Alfriston, Sussex
Medical account owed by the parish to Richard Alchorne, 1743.
Reference: MS.5269/7

Samuel Prescott (alive around 1745), apothecary, Kent
Bill settled by executors of Thomas Osborne Esq, bound with Waylett family papers, 1745.
Reference: MS.4979

Robert Abbot (1616-1643), Vicar of Cranbrook, Kent
Sermon preached at the funeral of William Rogers, apothecary; date not specified. Part of a collection of material transcribed and assembled in the 18th century, c.1750-1803.
Reference: MS.6083/4

Alexander James (died 1813), Perpetual Curate of Buckland and Vicar of St Margaret's-atte-Cliffe, Dover, Kent
Diary, focusing primarily on events at Dover, 1752-1812.
Reference: MS.3012

Pyott family, Canterbury
Papers, 1779-1813 and no date. 
Reference: MS.7443

General Sea-Bathing Infirmary, Margate
Letters from John Anderson (died 1804), physician to the Infirmary, to the Reverend John Pridden, Secretary of the Infirmary, 1791-8 and no date. 
Reference: MS.6118

Ticehurst House, mental hospital, Ticehurst, Sussex
Extensive archive including case notes and administrative documentation. Permission from Ticehurst House Hospital may be necessary before consulting material, 1792-1975.
Reference: MSS.6245-6790

Hodgkin family archive
Includes family connections to Sussex via relatives in the Rickman family (Lewes), Thomas Hodgkin's apprenticeship to the apothecaries Glaisyer and Kemp (Brighton) and John Hodgkin's retirement to Lewes. John Hodgkin's autobiography describes visits to Sussex and to Southend (Essex) in the early 19th century. See General section.
Reference: PP/HO

Rickman family, Lewes, East Sussex
Various family members represented in the Hodgkin family archive. See General section. 
Reference: PP/HO

Medical Poetry, Dover, Kent
"The Cross-Wall Ode", a lampoon aimed at William S, a recently-arrived or newly-qualified medical man in Dover, by his rivals in the town. Named other medical figures include Edward Broderip FLS, George Folkes, George Hannam, Francis Thatcher and Thomas Mantell FSA (1751-1831), later Mayor of Dover, c.1800.
Reference: MS.7018

John Glaisyer (alive around 1809), pharmacist, of the Brighton pharmacists' firm of Glaisyer & Kemp
Letter placing an order with John Gibson at the pharmacy of William Allen FRS (1770-1843), Quaker chemist and philanthropist, in Plough Court, London, 1809.
Reference: MS.7825/7

Thomas Couchman Barrett (born 1784), Kent
Recipes, plus some farm accounts, 1800-c.1810.
Reference: MS.1074

Naval provisioning
Orders from the Commissioners of the Victualling Board to Samuel Lewes, victualling agent at Sheerness, Kent, for the supply of His Majesty's ships; plus some accounts, 1804-15.
Reference: MS.6816

Establishment of the victualling department
HMS Irresistible, Sheerness, 1802.
Reference: MS.6817

Orders and letters to Lambert Middleton and Samuel Lewes junior
Successive victualling agents in the Downs; plus some accounts, 1807-1815.
Reference: MS.6818

Dr Thomas Martin (died 1851), Dorking, Surrey
Recipe book, no date. 
Reference: MS.7530

Photocopy of diary detailing patients seen
Original dated,1805-15.
Reference: MS.7531

Royal Army Medical Corps Muniment Collection
Material on Fort Pitt/Army Medical School, Chatham, 1805-1974.
Reference: RAMC

John Rennie FRS (1761-1821), civil engineer
Letter on a projected Admiralty dockyard at Northfleet, 1810.
Reference: MS.7478/4

Rymer family, surgeons, Surrey
Indenture (parchment, seals removed) binding James Rymer junior of Dorking as apprentice to the surgeon-apothecaries Caleb Woodyer and William Newland of Guildford, plus a print portrait of James Rymer senior (died 1829), naval surgeon, died at Reigate, 1810 and no date. 
Reference: MS.7655/7

Fort Pitt, Chatham
Document requesting medical supplies, signed by the military surgeon Sir James McGrigor (1771-1858), 1817.
Reference: MS.7847/30

Ship's surgeon
Journal compiled by the surgeon of the East India Company vessel William Miles, including description of passing the Devil's Punch Bowl at Hindhead, Surrey, in, 1820 (p258), 1819-21.
Reference: MS.7114

Kent and Canterbury Hospital
Catalogue of books, 1820-33.
Reference: MS.4855

Mrs M H Turnbull, Chobham, Surrey, later Abingdon, Berkshire
Collection of culinary, household and medicinal remedies, many collected whilst in India c.1820-78 and no date. 
Reference: MS.5853

Sir Matthew John Tierney (1776-1845)
Royal physician practising in Brighton, supporter of vaccination. Letters, including note to the Brighton apothecaries Glaisyer and Kemp, 1821-31.
Reference: MS.7734/58-59

A Scott MD (alive around 1827), Winchelsea, Sussex
Letter to Mr Franklin, surgeon, of Lisson Grove, London, describing the case of Sarah Hazel, sent home to Winchelsea by Franklin after a week in his service only to die of typhus on arrival, and asking Franklin to compensate her family and send them her belongings, 1827.
Reference: MS.7578/46

Thomas Sunderland Harrison FRCS, MRCP (1800-1864)
Papers include letters and resolutions of thanks from the governing committee of the Brighton Dispensary on Harrison's resignation as surgeon, 1831.
Reference: MS.6887/4-6

Linton, Kent
Account book recording taxation in Linton area, later used to record recipes and a list of books, 1832-c.1838.
Reference: MS. 7729

William Newnham (1790-1865)
General practitioner, Farnham, Surrey. Letter concerning a life assurance application by his friend John Paine, 1837.
Reference: MS.7780/3

Folkestone Grocer/Druggist's Ledgers
Three accounts ledgers and one 'want book' kept by an unidentified grocer and druggist living in the Folkestone area, 1839-c.1867.
Reference: MSS.7968-71

Alfred King MD (alive around 1813-1875)
General practitioner based in Brighton and in South London. Certificates, 1840-75.
Reference: MS.7519

John Flint South FRCS (1797-1882), surgeon
Letters to South concerning his candidature as Medical Visitor to the Kent County Asylum, 1845.
Reference: MS.7662/24-27

Joseph Henry Shorthouse MD, MRCS (died 1883), surgeon, Tonbridge, Kent
Unpublished manuscript work on the extraction of teeth, 1846.
Reference: MS.7202

J D Robinson (alive around 1853-1859), coal-merchant, Dover
Book of recipes and accounts, 1853-9.
Reference: MS.4228

Stephen Monckton FRCP (1824-1885), physician to West Kent General Hospital
Testimonial in favour of his brother David Henry Monckton (physician, Staffordshire), 1854.
Reference: MS.7337/50

The Alembick
Anonymous mock medical journal, whose author appears to have lived in Kent and claims to have relations who were buried in 'Chichester Church-Yard', 1854.
Reference: MS.6801

George Edward Shuttleworth (1842-1923), specialist in mental deficiency
Case notes and post mortem notes taken at Earlswood Asylum, Surrey, 1869-70.
Reference: MS.4567-8

Horsmonden Benefit Society, Horsmonden, Kent
Minute book, 1869-96.
Reference: MS.6993

Sir Henry Head (1861-1940)
Manuscript autobiography includes his schooldays at Charterhouse, Goldalming, Surrey, c.1870s.
Reference: PP/HEA/A.1

Mrs Thomas Thoms, Henfield, Sussex
Cookery recipes, with a few personal and household accounts c.1870-78.
Reference: MS.7731

James Adam MD (1834-1908), Asylum Medical Superintendent
Diaries as superintendent of the Metropolitan District Asylum at Caterham, Surrey, 1872-9.
Reference: MSS.5510-16

Two leaves from his diary as proprietor and physician of a private asylum at West Malling, Kent, inserted into a volume dating from his time in Dumfries, 1884.
Reference: MS.5519

Thomas Frederick Isaacson Blaker MRCS (died 1941?), Brighton, Sussex
Notes on cases and midwifery; including two cases as honorary surgeon to the Brighton & Hove Lying-In Institution and an attendance list and minute of a British Medical Association meeting at Lewes, 1872-85.
Reference: MS.6923

Charles Roach Smith (1807-1890), chemist and antiquary
Letter to the dramatist and herald James Robinson Planché (1796-1880), mentioning the erection of a theatre for the marines at Chatham, 1879.
Reference: MS.7655/62

Wellcome Foundation
One of main establishments was at Dartford. Records include, besides business activities, much on locality generally, 1880s-1990s.
Reference: WF

Holloway Sanatorium Hospital for the Insane, Virginia Water, Surrey
Casebooks, 1889-1926 (with gaps).
Reference: MSS.5157-63

Sir Henry Wellcome
Files relating to The Nest, Hayes, Kent, 1891-1911, and The Cottage, Surbiton, 1899-1901, as well as to business activities in Dartford, 1890s-1930s.
Reference: WA/HSW

Charles Brodie Sewell MD (1817-1900), physician
Journal of holiday in Sussex and the Isle of Wight, 1892.
Reference: MS.4515

Queen’s Nursing Institute
Records of relations with affiliated local branches, 1890s-1970s. Some deposited material from local district nursing associations.
Reference: SA/QNI

No 2 (Inspector’s) District (Kent and Sussex) Workhouse Masters’ [and Matrons’] Association
Minutes (including Rules), 1897-1929.
Reference: SA/AHR/A.33-34

Frederick William Cock (1858-1943), physician and antiquary
Extracts from Canterbury records on Kent physicians, c.1900.
Reference: MS.1697

See also Waylett family.

Lionel Henry de Barri Crawshay (1882-1928), naturalist
Notebook recording bicycling excursions, mainly in Surrey and Sussex, 1900-11.
Reference: MS.1912

Wellcome Historical Medical Museum
Files relating to Dartford (at which the firm Burroughs Wellcome was based), 1900-1980s.
Reference: WA/HMM

British Medical Association
Material on Public Medical Services in all areas of the UK, also on specific local friendly/medical aid societies, medical institutions, etc, 1900s-60s.
Reference: SA/BMA

Medical Women’s Federation
Material on the New Sussex and Lady Chichester Hospitals, Brighton and Hove, no date. Correspondence with local Associations, 1960s-80s.
Reference: SA/MWF

Research Defence Society
Records of Brighton and Sussex branch, c.1908-19.
Reference: SA/RDS/D.1

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Photographs of Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children, Carshalton, Surrey, 1923-51. Physiotherapist working with children at Chailey Heritage Craft School, Sussex, 1972. Physiotherapist at Joint Services Rehabilitation Centre, Chessington, Surrey, 1976. Photograph albums of Georgina Maud Weller at Eastbourne Military Hospital, 1915-6.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1, Q.2

Haslemere Branch of the Eugenics Society
One file, c.1915.
Reference: SA/EUG/E.17

Edith Cavell Home of Rest for Nurses, Coombe Head, Haslemere
Records of the Edith Cavell Homes, 1917-84.
Reference: SA/NFN/C

National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis
Minutes, etc, relating to its Farm Colony at Burrow Hill, Frimley Green, Surrey, 1917-45.
Reference: SA/NPT/A

Nurse Rachel Barnes
Material reflecting her employment as health visitor by Surrey County Council Public Health Department, 1918-46, mainly at East and West Molesey and the Dittons and area.
Reference: SA/HVA/G.1

Archer House Convalescent Home for Nurses, Ramsgate
Minutes, accounts, etc, 1919-73.
Reference: SA/NFN/D.1

Wellcome Entomological Field Laboratories, Wisley, Surrey
Reports, correspondence, other materials, 1919-23.
Reference: WA/BSR/Efl

Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories
Moved to Langley Court, Beckenham, Kent, 1922. Records 1903-27.
Reference: WA/PRL

Grantly Dick-Read (1890-1959)
Material relating to his general practice in Eastbourne, 1921-2, and group practice in Woking, 1923-34.
Reference: PP/GDR

Cancer Research Campaign
File on Kent Council of Campaign, 1923-55, and Sussex Council, 1926-49.
Reference: SA/CRC/F.1/8, 20

Robert Henry Stewart Thompson (1912-1998)
Material relating to his association with Epsom College, 1925-83.
Reference: PP/RHT/A

Dr Lawrence Dulake (1901-1987), general practitioner,  Reigate, Surrey
Practice and partnership agreements, c.1926-65.
Reference: GP/1

Wathen Waller, general practitioner, Rustington, Surrey
Valuation for insurance of his house, and Testimonial to services as Medical Officer, Tortington Park Girl's School, Arundel, 1929-40.
Reference: GC/93/1

Society of Medical Officers of Health
Records of Home Counties Branch, later London and Home Counties Branch and Thames Regions, 1929-81.
Reference: SA/SMO/N.4-5

John Chassar Moir (1900-1977)
Letters of appreciation from colleagues in Redhill and Reigate, where he was in general practice, 1929.
Reference: PP/JCM/13/4

Family Planning Association (formerly National Birth Control Association)
Records of its dealings with its own regional federations, area organisation, local branches and clinics, correspondence with local authorities, 1930-74. Records of its regional administration, 1965-1991. Records of the following branches: Maidstone, 1954-75, Mitcham/Carshalton, 1935-69; Sutton and Cheam, 1954-69; Orpington, 1955-64; Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, 1957-60, Gravesend, 1958-68; Hastings, 1962-4, Beckenham and Penge, 1966-9.
Reference: SA/FPA

National Birthday Trust Fund
Correspondence with Bearsted Memorial Hospital (Jewish Maternity Hospital), 1930-51, and Zachary Merton Convalescent Home, Sussex, 1936-8.
Reference: SA/NBT/F.6/1, 8

W J O’Connor
Photographs of the Royal Sea-Bathing Hospital, Margate, and Princess Mary’s Hospital for Children, Margate, c.early 1930s.
Reference: GP/5/2

Edward Fyfe Griffith (1985-1988)
Various materials relating to his activities in birth control and sex education in Aldershot, Guildford and area, 1930s.
Reference: PP/EFG

Professor Norman Ashton
File relating to holidays with friends at Pagham, 1930s.
Reference: PP/ASH/G.3

Ernest Thomas Ruston (died 1970), pathologist, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford
Diaries, 1935, 1953 and, 1956.
Reference: MSS.4319-21

Derek Richter (1907-1995)
Copies of his scrapbooks on the Neuropsychiatric Research Centre, following move from Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff,  to Carshalton, Surrey, and earlier history of hospital; and autobiography, 1900s-80s.
Reference: GC/175

Norman Ashton (1913-2000)
Papers relating to Kent and Canterbury Hospital, including its history, and discussions on setting up county laboratory service, 1940-1982.
Reference: PP/ASH

Mental Aftercare Association
Material (including some photographs) on residential homes and hostels for former mental patients at Bromley, Cliftonville, Dartford, Folkestone, Margate, Rochester, Sandgate, Sevenoaks, Tankerton (near Whitstable), Wellinborough, Westerham, and Westgate-on-Sea, in Kent, at Ashtead, Blindley Heath, Cheam, Esher, Godalming, Sutton and Thames Ditton in Surrey, and at Bexhill, Broadbridge Heath, Eastbourne, Hastings, Hove, Littlehampton and Seaford, in Sussex, 1940s-80s.
Reference: SA/MAC

East Surrey Mobile Physiotherapy Unit
Records, 1942-84.
Reference: SA/CSP/M

The Caldecott Community, Smeeth, Kent
Correspondence between its founder, Leila Rendel, and Eugenics Society, 1943-53.
Reference: SA/EUG/D.51

Wellcome Veterinary Research Station, Ely Grange Estate Frant, Sussex
Records, 1944-56.
Reference: WF/CA/P/12

Tyburn Project
Production of scrub typhus vaccine, World War II, at Wellcome Foundation laboratories, Tyburn Farm, Frant, East Sussex, 1945.
Reference: GC/12

William Walters Sargant (1907-1988)
File on Roffey Park Rehabilitation Centre, Horsham, 1948-9; and minutes of South West Metropolitan Psychiatric Advisory Board Working Party and Subcommittee on Neurosis.
Reference: PP/WWS/B

Fennings Pharmaceuticals
In 1948 moved its headquarters to Horsham, West Sussex. Records of activities, 1948-96.
Reference: SA/FEN

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
South West Metropolitan and Wessex Local Board, 1948-71.
Reference: SA/CSP/J.4/4

Lord Moran
File relating to Marshalls Manor, his country house near Uckfield, Sussex, 1951-73, including historical notes.
Reference: PP/CMW/M.2/3

Sir Graham Selby Wilson (1895-1987)
Photographs of Brighton Public Health Laboratory, no date. ?1950s.
Reference: PP/GSW/H.16

Multiple Sclerosis Society
Files on Association of London and Home Counties Branches, and specific local branches, 1950s-70s.
Reference: SA/MSS/C

Rudolph Karl Freudenberg (1908-1986)
Files relating to his activities in the following organisations: Disablement Income Group, Godalming, 1967-9; Industrial Therapy Organisation (Epsom) Ltd, 1967-70; Orpington Mental Health Association, 1971; Reigate and District Association for Mental Health, 1972; Surrey Group of National Schizophrenia Fellowship, 1977; Surrey Council for Mental Health, 1978-9.
Reference: PP/RKF/D

David Stafford Clark (1916-1999)
Plans and two leases relating to property on the Varndean Park Estate in Brighton, 1970s.
Reference: PP/DSC/A.4

Serge Keys
“50 Years Development of the Pathology Services in the Guildford and Godalming Area”, c.1973.
Reference: GC/273

Sir James Keith Ross (1927-2003)
File relating to King Edward VII Hospital, Midhurst, 1977-81.
Reference: GC/238/3/13

Biochemical Society
Files relating to Harden Conferences of the Society held at Wye College, 1980s-90s.
Reference: SA/BIO/E.1

Medical Pilgrims
Records of ‘Pilgrimage’ to Leeds Castle, Kent, 1985.
Reference: SA/PIL

BACUP (British Association of Cancer United Patients and their Family and Friends)
Files relating to South East and South West Thames Regional Cancer Organisations, 1985-7.
Reference: SA/BAC/H.22-23

Oral History of General Practice, 1935-52
Tapes and transcripts of interviews with Edward Carew-Shaw, Horley; Manny Tuckman, St Pauls Cray Estate/Orpington/Sidcup; Arthur Griffiths, Hove, 1992-4.
Reference: GP/29

Travelling Surgical Society
Visit to Canterbury, 1994.
Reference: SA/TSS

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