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This guide highlights primary source material from the Archives and Manuscripts Collection, relating to the counties of North-west England. It includes information about local families, individuals and organisations.

Cheshire, Cumberland, Lancashire, Westmorland. Also the Isle of Man.

Westmoreland: MedicalCompendium, 15th century
'The boke of marschalse' and other texts, in various hands: compiled in the Westmorland area, 15th century.The flyleaves are from a rental for Appleby and the surrounding area (Milburn, Kirkby Thore, Murton, Newbiggin etc); possibly a rental of lands belonging to the church of St Michael, Appleby, since most places named are within that parish, 15th-17th century.
Reference: MS.5650

Isaac Gilpin (alive around 1626)
Collection of information on land-tenure customs in Westmorland and Cumberland, contained in a collection of transcribed miscellanea, no date. 
Reference: MS.805/29

Theodosia Henshaw, Middlewich, Cheshire
Recipe book. Late 17th century.
Reference: MS.7849

Medical commonplace book, Cheshire
Commonplace book by various physicians, including the Cheshire-born Thomas Hayes (MD, Cambridge, 1747) and William Currie (alive around 1768-1805) of Chester, 1737-87 and no date. 
Reference: MS.6907

Joshua Dixon (died 1825), apothecary's assistant, later a physician at Whitehaven
Letterbook describing life in Liverpool as assistant to Edward Parr, apothecary and merchant with interest in the slave-trade, 1764-5.
Reference: MS.2196

Halton family, Cumberland
Commonplace book, including pedigree, 1768-81.
Reference: MS.2720

Jeremiah Ainsworth (alive around 1743-1784), mathematician, Manchester
Letters to the Reverend John Lawson (1723-1779), mathematician, 1777.
Reference: MS.5642

Amicable and Charitable Society, Newchurch, Rossendale, Lancashire
Regulations and membership book, 1778-1805.
Reference: MS.5654

Joseph Partridge (alive around 1724-1782), curate of Baddiley, Cheshire
Letter applying to a charity for assistance to support his mentally-ill daughter Sarah; with a supporting note by W Gorst MD and R Wicksted, surgeon, of Nantwich, 1782.
Reference: MS.7674/2

Charles Taylor MD (died 1816), physician and chemist, Manchester
Letters, 1790-1808.
Reference: MS.7689

John Gough, naturalist, Kendal
Correspondence with Luke Howard (1772-1864), chiefly on meteorology, in Hodgkin family archive, 1805-1821 and no date. See 'General' section.
Reference: PP/HO/K/A1-A23

Thomas Howitt (died 1846) and his son Thomas Howitt FRCS (died 1881), surgeons, Lancaster
Official papers, including an indenture apprenticing the son to the father, 1807-31.
Reference: MSS.5195-5196

Hargreaves family and others, Lancashire
Biographical notes (contained in rulebook of the Amicable and Charitable Society, Newchurch, Rossendale), 1812-70.
Reference: MS.5654

John Grundy, Sons & Wood, Lancashire
Accounts (contained in rulebook of the Amicable and Charitable Society, Newchurch, Rossendale), 1815-21.
Reference: MS.5654

Miscellaneous items relating to Liverpool in the 19th century, 1816-1864 and no date. 
Reference: MS.7823

Francis Newbold and William Binley Dickinson, surgeon-apothecaries, Macclesfield, Cheshire
Indenture apprenticing Major Butler Morgan of Lichfield to Newbold and Dickinson, 1820.
Reference: MS.6884/2

Sir James Edward Smith (1759-1828), botanist
Paper for the Linnean Society describing a tour from London to Liverpool, Matlock and Arle (Worcestershire), 1820.
Reference: MS.7641/4

Mrs Whitworth, apparently from Manchester
Recipe book, including prescription issued by John Moss Kirkman (died 1876) of Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1822-6.
Reference: MS.4998

William Roscoe MP (1753-1831), historian and botanist
Ticket of admission, probably to Liverpool Royal Institution (of which Roscoe was the first President), 1824.
Reference: MS.7545/33

Dr W Thackray (alive around 1824), Chester
Prescription, 1824.
Reference: MS.7734/4

Henry Peart (died 1867), surgeon and apothecary
Notebook containing case notes recorded at the Liverpool Infirmary, 1827-39 and no date. 
Reference: MS.5263

Cheshire Lunatic Asylum, Chester
Prescription book, with a few clinical notes, 1832-9.
Reference: MS.1587

William Gelder (alive around 1832-37), chemist and druggist, Clayton West, Yorkshire
Notebook including tour through the Isle of Man, Dublin, Anglesey (including a sketch of Beaumaris church), and Lancashire (visiting Liverpool and various places in the Manchester area), 1834-7.
Reference: MS.5872

James Brocklehurst (alive around 1835-45), chemist and druggist, Hyde, Cheshire
Prescription and invoice books, 1835-73.
Reference: MSS.5946-8

Macclesfield, Cheshire
Day book of a general practitioner practising in Macclesfield and the surrounding area, 1835-7.
Reference: MS.5507

Emma Tate (alive around 1843), ?Cheshire
Collection of cookery, household and medical recipes, c.1837-43.
Reference: MS.7730

Walter Scott MD (died 1866), Clitheroe, Lancashire
Set of testimonials written for Scott, in connection with a vacant post in the Poor Law Union of Clitheroe, no date. 
Reference: MS.6025/1

Joseph Powell Swanwick MRCS (1825-1909), Clerk to the Physicians, Manchester Royal Infirmary
Pharmacopoeia, including revised list of medical staff at Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1847-50.
Reference: MS.6953

Norman Comben collection of veterinary miscellanea
Areas particularly well-represented include Cheshire, Cumberland and Westmorland. See 'General' section.
Reference: MSS.7562-9

Stidd, Lancashire
Design for restoration of the preceptory of St John of Jerusalem at Stidd, c.1850.
Reference: MS.1721/11

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell (1810-1865), novelist
Letter to Ann Scott (wife of Alexander Scott (1805-1866), Principal of Owens' College), discussing the uterine tumour suffered by a Mrs Glover of Bury, c.1854.
Reference: MS.7141

Manufacturers of surgical lint
Correspondence regarding the supply of surgical lint to the London chemists Savory & Moore (for the war in the Crimea), including letters and samples from Manchester manufacturers, 1854-5.
Reference: MS.7874

James Patterson (alive around 1858-1859), teacher at the Deaf and Dumb Institution, Manchester
Diary, including account of visit to London, 1858-9.
Reference: MSS.7352-7353

James Woolley (1811-1858), manufacturing chemist, Manchester
Diary of Woolley's illness, treatment and dath, written by his partner Henry Davis Pochin (1824-1895), 1858.
Reference: MS.5949

Thomas Young Baker (1837-1901), military surgeon
Diary, chiefly of journey to India but also covering previous six months spent in England, including tour of the Lake District, 1861-2.
Reference: MS.1038

Sir George Buchanan FRCP, FRS (1831-1895)
Report to Privy Council on the health of cotton-mill workers unemployed as a result of the American Civil War's disruption of the cotton trade, 1862.
Reference: MS.1393

Sir Thomas Barlow (1845-1945), physician
Journal and notebook containing case notes, some from Pendlebury Children's Hospital, Manchester, 1878-9.
Reference: PP/BAR/A/12

Cutting from the Bolton Chronicle (Barlow's home town) on a congratulatory address by workers of Messrs Barlow and Jones, 1866.
Reference: PP/BAR/Q/1

See also 'General' section.
Dr Pollard (died c.1878), Chorley, Lancashire
Memorandum book listing items sold and prices realised at sale of the late Dr Pollard's effects, 1878.
Reference: MS.7278

George Edward Shuttleworth (1842-1923), specialist in mental deficiency, Superintendent of the Royal Albert Asylum, Lancaster
Rules, staff lists etc for the asylum, 1880-9.
Reference: MS.4569

Sir Humphry Davy Rolleston (1862-1944), physician
Papers include photograph album, containing pictures taken at Lancrigg, Grasmere, former home of the family friend John Richardson (1787-1865), 1888-9.
Reference: MS.6123

Society of Medical Officers of Health
Records of North Western Branch and North West Region, 1894-1981.
Reference: SA/SMO/N.7

Queen’s Nursing Institute
Records of relations with affiliated local branches, 1890s-1970s, including the Isle of Man. Some deposited material from local district nursing associations. Records of the William Rathbone Staff College, Liverpool, 1957-76.
Reference: SA/QNI

Bootle, Lancashire
Reports by the Medical Officer of Health (office-holders including Robert John Sprakeling MRCS (died 1901), Thomas William Naylor Barlow MRCS, LRCP (alive around 1896-1945) and Frank Thomas Herbert Wood (alive around 1902-78) to Bootle Borough Council, 1895-1903 and, 1924-6.
Reference: MS.7130-3

Letterbook of Frank Thomas Herbert Wood as Medical Officer of Health for Bootle, 1928-9.
Reference: MS.7134

Mrs Powell, nurse, Widnes
Letter to a Dr Brentnall of Warrington, setting out her dire financial straits and asking for employment. Late 19th or early 20th century.
Reference: MS.7545/5

British Medical Association
Material on Public Medical Services in all areas of the UK, also on specific local friendly/medical aid societies, medical institutions, etc 1900s-60s.
Reference: SA/BMA

Frank Taylor J P, Bolton, Lancashire
Printed memorial publication marking Taylor's death, in the papers of Sir Thomas Barlow, 1902.
Reference: PP/BAR/T/6/3

Liverpool Royal Infirmary
Poem, "Thornton Corridor", by J M E, no date. 
Reference: MS.7326/7

Research Defence Society
Records of Liverpool and Norther Counties branches, c.1908-19.
Reference: SA/RDS/D.1

Medical Women’s Federation
Files on: the Duchess of York’s Hospital for Babies, Manchester, no date, and on the movement for admission of women doctors at Infirmary, Manchester, 1909. Material on proposed amalgamation of local Associations for Registered Medical Women into Federation, 1916. Correspondence with local associations, 1960s-80s.
Reference: SA/MWF

Thomas Herbert Bickerton (1858-1933), ophthalmic surgeon, Liverpool
Material relating to medicine in Liverpool, comprising a paper 'The Liverpool Medical Institution - what is it?', a speech to the Liverpool Medical Institution, and a speech as President of the Liverpool Royal Infirmary, 1911-23.
Reference: MS.5999

Sir Allen Daley (1887-1969)
Material relating to early career as Medical Officer of Health, Bootle, 1911-20, and Blackburn, 1920-5, and personal and educational associations with Liverpool.
Reference: PP/AWD

Manchester Branch of the Eugenics Society
One file, no date.
Reference: SA/EUG/E.14

Dr Francis Blacklay (born 1919) general practitioner, Nantwich
History of joint practice of Drs Blacklay and Turner. Records including articles of partnership, 1922-69, financial records, 1917-77, visits registers, 1930-71, and minutes of practice meetings, 1960-76.
Reference: GP/24

Edith Cavell Home of Rest for Nurses, The Crossways, Windermere
Records of the Edith Cavell Homes, 1917-84.
Reference: SA/NFN/C

Manchester (later East Lancashire) Centre of the Nation’s Fund for Nurses
Minutes, correspondence, accounts, 1918-79.
Reference: SA/NFN/D.3

British Social Hygiene Council
Manchester (Ablution Centres) Enquiry Committee, 1921-2.
Reference: SA/BSH/G.3

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Photographs at Manchester Royal Infirmary School of Physiotherapy, 1922. Material includes physiotherapy students at Ancoats, c.1950s; treatment pool, School of Physiotherapy, Liverpool; exercises at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, c.1965; students at Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1974; and the new physiotherapy department, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, 1975.
Reference: SA/QNI/Q.1

H C Croadsell, Chemist, Cockermouth
Prescription books and ledgers, 1923-51.
Reference: GC/75

Cancer Research Campaign
Files on local committees and branches, and other cancer research and education organisations in the North West, 1924-65, including two files on the rival organisation, the Liverpool Radium Institute, 1930-63.
Reference: SA/CRC

National Birthday Trust Fund
Correspondence with Liverpool Maternity Hospital, 1929-36, and study at hospital of use of Minnitt gas and air machines, 1934-7. Files relating to schemes for distributing Marmite to expectant mothers in Oldham and Liverpool, 1937-40.
References: SA/NBT/F.6/1, H.2/1, T.10/2-3

Family Planning Association (formerly National Birth Control Association)
Records of its dealings with its own regional federations, area organisation, local branches and clinics, correspondence with local authorities, 1930-74. Records of its regional administration, 1965-1991. Includes records of following branches: Manchester and Salford, 1926-68, Liverpool (later Merseyside), 1931-71, Preston, 1949-71, Stockport and District, 1951-62, Blackburn, 1952-72, Altrincham and District, 1953-62, Wilmslow and District, 1961-9.
Reference: SA/FPA

Eugenics Society
Meetings and lectures in Liverpool, 1935-7.
Reference: SA/EUG/G.8 

James Randal Hutchinson (c.1880-1955)
Death from anaphylactic shock after injection of scarlet fever antitoxin, Barrow-in-Furness, 1938.
Reference: PP/JRH/A.81

Sir Robert Macintosh (1897-1989)
Travel diaries of visits to: Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1938, 1956; Liverpool, 1958, Manchester, 1963, 1964, Warrington, 1964.
Reference: PP/RRM/C

R A McCance (1898-1993)
Diary of wartime self-experimentation on effects of proposed rationing diets in combination with exercise, with Elsie Widdowson and other members of his research team, in the Lake District, 1939-40.
Reference: GC/97/B.3

Dr Alfred Model (1906-1979), general practitioner, Stockport, Cheshire
Cash book, 1939-48. Journal articles about practice, 1957-68.
Reference: GP/50

Dr Ena MacAlister Morrison
Agreement with Manchester Corporation relating to medical officer post at Crumpsall Hospital, 1948.
Reference: MS.8796/6

Medical Pilgrims
Records of ‘Pilgrimages’ to Manchester, 1949, 1986.
Reference: SA/PIL

Multiple Sclerosis Society
File on North West Association of Branches, 1968-73, and files on specific local branches, 1950s-70s.
Reference: SA/MSS/C

Fennings Pharmaceuticals
Some of their products manufactured and distributed by J Waterhouse & Co. Ltd, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, 1964-96.
Reference: SA/FEN

Abortion Law Reform Association
Manchester local group, 1964-7. Also annual reports of Merseyside branch of Brook Advisory Centres, 1975-8.
Reference: SA/ALR

Travelling Surgical Society
Visits to Manchester, 1967, 1988, Liverpool, 1982, Lake District, 1985.

Sir Thomas Dalmahoy Barlow (1883-1964)
Catalogue of exhibition of paintings from Barlow's collection at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 1968.
Reference: PP/BAR/Z/46/8

See also 'General' section, under Sir Thomas Barlow.

Birth Control Campaign
Files on Manchester and Merseyside local groups, 1971-3.
Reference: SA/BCC/A.31-32

ASH (Action on Smoking and Health)
North West Branch, 1977-83.
Reference: SA/ASH/E.1/4

Harold Edgar Vickers
'An impression of Walton Hospital, Liverpool' during his years as consultant pathologist, 1951-77, c.1979.
Reference: GC/269

Alice Mary Stewart
Files relating to interaction with local groups and individuals concerned about the environment and issues to do with low level radiation, 1980s.
Reference: PP/AMS

Tim Lang
Papers relating to the Lancashire School Meals Campaign in the early 1980s.
Reference: PP/TLA

British Health Care Arts Centre
Correspondence between J H Baron and Dr Linda Moss, who was involved in arts in hospitals and healing in Manchester, 1984-91.
Reference: SA/BHC/A

BACUP (British Association of Cancer United Patients and their Family and Friends)
Correspondence with Liverpool Personal Services Society, 1985. Information leaflets from Manchester Regional Committee, no date. Photos of launch of free helpline, Manchester, 1989.
Reference: SA/BAC

Haydock (Lancashire) Health Centre
Annual reports of practice, 1987-95.
Reference: GP/19

Biochemical Society
File on Northern Regional Section, 1991-6, files on meetings held in region, etc.
Reference: SA/BIO

Oral History of General Practice, 1935-52
Tapes and transcripts of interviews with: Henry Waters Bisset, Bolton; Jean Margaret Bisset, Bolton; Robert Clarke, Bolton; Jean Hugh-Jones, St Helen's; John Hopkinson, Ulverston; Richard Oddy, Westmorland; Thomas McQuay, Blackburn; Bertie Dover, Liverpool; Margarete Samuel, Manchester, 1992-4.
Reference: GP/29

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