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This guide highlights primary source material from the Archives and Manuscripts Collection, relating to the boroughs North London. It includes information about local families, individuals and organisations.

Barnet, Brent, Camden (north of Euston Road), Enfield, Haringey, Islington (north of Pentonville Road and City Road).

Hospitals and institutions

Bobath Institute
Photographs of its work with children, c.1982.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Bowden House, Harrow, for the Treatment of Neuroses and Mild Psychoses
Chapter by Doris Odlum in ‘The Expanding Field of Mental Health in England and Wales, 50 years of progress, 1918-1968’.
Reference: MS.7913/42

City of London Maternity Hospital N4
National Birthday Trust Fund correspondence concerning donations, 1928-48.
Reference: SA/NBT/F.6/1

East Islington Mother and Babies Welfare Centre
National Birthday Trust Fund files relating to, 1936-40.
Reference: SA/NBT/F.6/7, T.10/3/4

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital: see Central London: Hospitals and Institutions

Family Planning Association (formerly National Birth Control Association)
Records of its dealings with its own regional federations, area organisation, local branches and clinics, correspondence with local authorities, 1930-74. Records of its regional administration, 1965-1991. Records of the following branches: Willesden, 1934-64, Hornsey, 1948-71, Finchley, 1957-72, North London, 1964-6.
Reference: SA/FPA

Girls' Orphan Home, Lower Tottenham
Letter from a Sister at the home to "My dear Mary Anne", apparently an inmate of the home now in hospital Late 19th century.
Reference: MS.7294/1

Hampstead Child Therapy Clinic
Chapter by Liselotte Frankl in ‘The Expanding Field of Mental Health in England and Wales, 50 years of progress, 1918-1968’.
Reference: MS.7913/11

Harrow Weald College
Letters from Edward Monro (1815-1866) and Henry Monro (1817-1891) to Horatio Nelson, 3rd Earl Nelson (1823-1913), on difficulties at the college and their effect on their father Edward Thomas Monro FRCP (1790-1856), consultant physician to Bethlem Hospital, 1853-5.
Reference: MS.7337/52–54

Highbury Quadrant Hostel
Correspondence and notes about the matronship, in the papers of Sir Thomas Barlow (1845-1945), physician, 1925.
Reference: PP/BAR/F/3

Holmleigh Auxiliary Military Hospital, Harrow on the Hill
Register of admissions and discharges, 1914-8. Visitors' Register, 1914-8. Patients' personal narratives, 1915-7.
Reference: GC/20

Kilburn Dispensary
Case notes taken at the dispensary by George Edward Shuttleworth (1842–1923), specialist in mental deficiency, 1863-4.
Reference: MS.4566

Kingsbury Maternity Hospital
Trials of nitrous oxide and oxygen obstetric analgesia, 1960-1.
Reference: SA/NBT/H.2/8/4

London Temperance Hospital, Hampstead Road
Casualty room card attesting to treatment, 1916.
Reference: MS.7280/5

Marie Curie Hospital
Materials relating to, 1930s-50s.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.32-42, 251

Mental Aftercare Association
Photographs of residential home for former mental patients in Victoria Road, N18, c.1980s.
Reference: SA/MAC/J.3/19

Mothers’ Clinic
Established by Marie Stopes in 1921, located in Holloway until 1926.
Reference: PP/MCS

National Institute for Medical Research
Sir Peter Medawar’s files, 1956-76, including one on Mount Vernon House.
Reference: PP/PBM

Northcourt Hospital for Sick Children, Hampstead
Testimonial to William Henry Ash recording his service as a member of the committee of management and as a fund-raiser, c.1925.
Reference: MS.7903/2

Northwick Park Hospital
Photographs of physiotherapist and patients exercising in rehabilitation unit, c.1975.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Pioneer Health Centre Ltd
Papers include material on initiatives in Somers Town/King's Cross, 1970s-80s.
Reference: SA/PHC

Royal Northern Hospital
National Birthday Trust Fund correspondence concerning donations, 1932-6.
Reference: SA/NBT/F.6/1

Society of Medical Officers of Health/ Society of Community Health/ Society of Public Health (1856-1997)
Brochures of Woodberry Down Health Centre, 1950s.
Reference: SA/SMO

Tavistock Clinic: see Central London: Hospitals and Institutions

Victoria Maternity Hospital, Barnet
Trials of nitrous oxide and oxygen obstetric analgesia, 1960-1.
Reference: SA/NBT/H.2/8/4

Wellcome Historical Medical Museum
Material relating to Willesden store, 1920s-40s.
Reference: WA/HMM

Woodside Hospital
Noel Gordon Harris’s files on his work at, 1934-40.
Reference: PP/NGH

General practitioners

Robert Craik, Islington
Day book, 1833.
Reference: MS.5277

Oral History of General Practice, 1935-52
Tapes and transcripts of interviews with Gordon Jenkins, Harrow; Frederick Barber, Islington; Geoffrey Richman, Kilburn; Leonard Franks, Islington, 1992-4.
Reference: GP/29

Drs George, Harold and Mary Pereira, Colney Hatch Lane
Letter of advice to patient, on diet, regimen and the need to obtain a job "on the Railway" less prone to poor air quality than his present one, 1931.
Reference: MS.7294/3

‘Re-thinking General Practice’
Tapes and transcripts of interviews with doctors in North London group practices in health centre, 1970s, on which 1983 book by Margot Jeffreys and Hessie Sachs was based.
Reference: GP/7

A W Scott (alive around 1926)
Dietician and "health scientist", Willesden. Two typescript letters (one incomplete) setting out the regimen to be followed by a patient, 1926.
Reference: MS.7545/80-81

Business records

J H Percival Bolton
Pharmacist, Winchmore Hill, London N21. Invoices received Jun-Dec 1917.
Reference: GC/254

George Daniel
Chemist, Islington. Prescription book and note book, 1864-83.
Reference: MSS.2033-4

Fennings Pharmaceuticals
Some manufacturing and packing operations undertaken by G F Sutton Sons and Co, King’s Cross, late 19th century.
Reference: SA/FEN

Group Analytic Society
Files relating to Society premises, including purchase of 1 Daleham Gardens NW3, 1980-2.
Reference: SA/GAS.C.4/3

Thomas Morson & Son Ltd
Pharmaceutical manufacturers, based successively in Hornsey, Homerton and Enfield. Business records, papers relating to the Morson family and photographs, 1818-1970.
Reference: SA/MOR

T T Nicholson, dispensing chemist, NW1
Prescription registers, 1893-1963.
Reference: GC/28

William Pritchard
Vet, Camden Town. Certificates of having carried out veterinary examinations upon various horses, 1876.
Reference: MS.7565/1, 3 & 4

Joseph Thorley Limited
Animal feed merchants. Bill, with letterhead showing mills at Kings Cross and Wandsworth, 1918.
Reference: MS.7564/22

Unnamed chemist, probably based in Islington
Prescription books, 1845-88.
Reference: MSS.3975-93

Societies and associations

Abortion Law Reform Association
North-West London Group, 1963-5. Abortion facilities in Edgware and Hendon, 1977-82, and Camden and Islington, 1980.
Reference: SA/ALR

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Minutes of North West Metropolitan/Thames Local Board, 1969-88.
Reference: SA/CSP/J.4/5

Multiple Sclerosis Society
Files on Barnet, Camden, Hackney, Haringey Islington, Kingsbury, Hendon and Edgware, Watford, Willesden Branches, 1950s-70s.
Reference: SA/MSS/C

National Birthday Trust Fund
Purchase of gas/air machines by Edmonton branch of Married Women’s Association, 1941-8.
Reference: SA/NBT/F.6/7, F9/2, T.10/3/4

North London Medical and Chirurgical Society
Address delivered by John Davy Rolleston on "The Question of Vaccination against Small-pox", 1930.
Reference: MS.4247

Research Board for the Correlation of Medical Science and Physical Education
File on inquiry into physique during childhood and adolescence undertaken in Tottenham Schools, 1944-5. ‘Watford Investigation’ on findings of National Service Medical Boards, 1950s.
Reference: SA/RBC

Research Defence Society
Records of Hampstead and NW London branch, c.1908-20.
Reference: SA/RDS/D.1-2

Personal papers

Sir Christopher Andrewes (1896-1989)
Diaries and notes relating to nature observations in Highgate, 1909-38.
Reference: GC/168

Anonymous patient, Colney Hatch Asylum
Two booklets ("Home" and "Stories about Pussy") composed, written and ornamented by an inmate, 1908.
Reference: MS.2997

Herbert Davies Chalke (1897-1979)
Medical Officer of Health for Hampstead, 1945-63, papers on various public health issues.
Reference: GC/200

William Job Collins, campaigner against smallpox vaccination
Scrapbook kept by Collins, with numerous cuttings relating to a controversy over alleged pollution of the Regent's Canal by London Zoo c.1863-c.1878.
Reference: MS.7626

Thomas Guy, founder of Guy's Hospital
Financial records including sale of tenement in Islington, 1691-1725.
Reference: MS.5989

Hodgkin family
Papers generated by interlinked London Quaker families. The Hodgkins resident first in Pentonville and then in Tottenham Letters and autobiographical fragments contain many references to local matters.

Jessy Kent Parsons
Employed as Health Visitor in Tottenham, 1913-45, papers reflecting her career.
Reference: SA/HVA/G.2

Sayer Walker MD (1748-1826)
Physician and accoucheur, previously dissenting minister at Enfield. Letter, plus printed biographical cutting, 1813.
Reference: MS.7826/20

Lucy Warren
Daughter of Vicar of Edmonton. Account by parents of her illness and death, 1823.
Reference: MS.5362

See also General: Personal papers: Harold Burnett Hewitt.

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