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This guide highlights primary source material from the Archives and Manuscripts Collection, relating to the local history of Ireland. It includes information about local families, individuals and organisations.

Treasury warrant
Warrant from the Lords Justices and Council of Ireland to Sir Adam Loftus, His Majesty's Treasurer at War in Ireland, to pay £3 to George Boothe, Carriage Master General, for expenses, 1642.
Reference: MS.7072/4

Mr/Miss Woodward (alive around c.1680), apparently based in London but of Irish extraction
Commonplace book, recording inter alia the deaths of his/her parents and their burials in Waterford Cathedral, c.1680.
Reference: MS.5093

Royal Army Medical Corps Muniment Collection
Various items relating to military medicine, etc, in Ireland, from late 17th century to 1970s. See under ‘Ireland’ in Place Name Index.
Reference: RAMC

Sir William Petty (1623-1687)
Transcripts of papers including Observations upon the 'Dublin Bills of Mortality MDCLXXXI' and the 'State of that City', c.1690.
Reference: MS.3868

John Evans, apothecary, Dublin
Prescription books, including entries for medicines prescribed to the young Arthur Wellesley, later, 1st Duke of Wellington, 1745-1803.
Reference: MS.2311-4

William Poole (alive around 1757), Dublin
Recipe book, 1757.
Reference: MS.3950

Thomas Weekes (alive around 1777), Irish actor and playwright
Poems, including one addressed to Jack Bennet, an apothecary in Cork, 1777.
Reference: MS.4985

Catherine Rye (alive around 1786), Warren's Court, County Cork
Recipe book, 1786.
Reference: MS.4322

John Milner Barry MD (1768-1822), founder of Cork Fever Hospital
Papers collected by Barry's sons, including material on his introduction of vaccination to Cork, 1792-1884.
Reference: MS.5164

Memorial from Thomas Stopford (died 1805), Bishop of Cork and Ross, John de Courcy (died 1822), 26th Baron Kingsale, and others, in favour of Robert White of the Marines, 1795.
Reference: MS.7097/4

Corporation of Barbers, Chirurgeons, Apothecaries and Periwig Makers or Guild of St Mary Magdalene, Dublin
Letters, circulars, notices of meetings and other papers addressed to John Gregory (Warden of the Corporation in, 1831), 1829-31.
Reference: MS.6081

William Gelder (alive around 1832-37), chemist and druggist, Clayton West, Yorkshire
Notebook including tour through the Isle of Man, Dublin, Anglesey (including a sketch of Beaumaris church), and Lancashire (visiting Liverpool and various places in the Manchester area), 1834-37.
Reference: MS.5872

Robert Jones (1807-1843), surgeon and apothecary to the Denbighshire Infirmary
Correspondence and papers, including case-notes and diary entries, relating to his work as House Surgeon and Apothecary of the Denbighshire Infirmary and General Dispensary, 1826-8, and to his studies in Dublin at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the Meath Hospital, 1836-7, 1826-40.
Reference: MSS. 6061-2

Hodgkin family archive
Papers of John Hodgkin (1800-1875) include material on his work to help the fishing settlement of the Claddagh (Galway) and his marriage to Elizabeth Haughton, an Irish Quaker. See 'General' section.
Reference: PP/HO

George Julius Duncombe Poulett Scrope FRS MP (1797-1876), writer
Letters include one to the Reverend Dr McKnight on the latter's pamphlet about Ulster tenant rights, 1850.
Reference: MS.7578/49

Norman Comben collection of veterinary miscellanea
Includes material from Ireland. See 'General' section.
Reference: MSS.7562-9

Alexander Robertson, gum elastic and surgical instrument manufacturer, Dublin
Letter concerning the firm to act as Robertson's London agent for "Dr Hardy's Patent Vapour Douche", 1855.
Reference: MS.7293

John Lindsay (1789-1870), numismatist, Cork
Copy of extracts from the Irish annals on natural phenomena and Irish history, c.1865.
Reference: MS.3290

Wellcome Foundation
Records relating to business activities in Ireland, 1880s-1990s. Also records of case of litigation over diphtheria vaccination at Ring Irish College in County Waterford, 1930s.
Reference: WF

Queen’s Nursing Institute
Records of relations with Irish Branch, 1888-1933. Administration of district nursing in Northern Ireland, 1950s-60s.
Reference: SA/QNI

Charles Brodie Sewell MD (1817-1900), physician
Journal of holiday tour in Northern England, Scotland and Ireland, 1890.
Reference: MS.4513

Hugh Cuolahan MD (1818-1884)
Memoir of his early life by his daughter, plus notes on the family, c.1890-c.1910.
Reference: MS.4719

William Macmath (died 1921), practitioner in Cork
Collection of medical prescriptions and receipts, in a copy of Bell's Commonplace Book for the Pocket (published, 1770), c.1895.
Reference: MS.3397

British Medical Association
Material on Public Medical Services in all areas of the UK, also on specific local friendly/medical aid societies, medical institutions, etc 1900s-60s. Also material on dispensary appointments in Eire, 1938-47, and Irish Medical Association of Irish Free State, 1934-5.
Reference: SA/BMA

Wellcome Historical Medical Museum
Correspondence with individuals and institutions in Ireland, 1900s-80s, including Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, 1913-20; and J T Burchell’s archaeological excavations in Ebsfleet, Northern Ireland, 1993-7.
Reference: WA/HMM

Research Defence Society
Records of Dublin branch, c.1908-19.
Reference: SA/RDS/D.1

Letitia Fairfield (1885-1978)
Miscellaneous papers on Ireland and the Irish question, including case of Sir Roger Casement, 1910s-70s.
Reference: GC/193

Belfast Branch of the Eugenics Society
One file, c.1912-13.
Reference: SA/EUG/E.16

Medical Women’s Federation
Files on proposed federation between (London) Association of Registered Medical Women and Irish Association, 1914, Marriage Bar in Northern Ireland, 1947-8, National Insurance issues in Northern Ireland, 1974-5, medical screening of Irish immigrants, 1958-9. Correspondence with local Associations, 1960s-80s.
Reference: SA/MWF

Clement Booker (alive around 1921)
Letter relating experience of a magical wart cure when a child in Ireland, 1921.
Reference: MS.7337/2

Nation’s Fund for Nurses, Irish Branch
Some material in Annual Reports of Nation’s Fund (UK), 1924-55.
Reference: SA/NFN/B.1-2

John Fulton Barr (1868-1954)
Diaries record several visits to Ireland, c.1927-48.
Reference: PP/JFB

Family Planning Association (formerly National Birth Control Association)
Files of material relating to Belfast Women’s Welfare Clinic (not affiliated to FPA until 1965), 1935-67. Some material on Northern Ireland region, 1970s-90s.
Reference: SA/FPA

Marie Stopes (1880-1958)
Files relating to Belfast Mothers’ [birth control] Clinic, 1936-47.
Reference: PP/MCS/C

James Randal Hutchinson (c.1880-1955)
Diphtheria immunisation accident, Ring College, Waterford, and case in High Court Dublin, 1937-9.
Reference: PP/JRH/A.75

Moya Woodside
Society for Constructive Birth Control, Belfast, leaflets, reminiscences, 1937-89.
Reference: GC/39

Eugenics Society
Correspondence between Marie Stopes and Belfast Clinic for Constructive Birth Control, 1946, and with Dr Arnold of Belfast, 1950.
Reference: SA/EUG/K.2, 19

Medical Pilgrims
Records of ‘Pilgrimages’ to Dublin, 1950, Ireland, 1961, Eire, 1967, Ireland, 1976.
Reference: SA/PIL

Travelling Surgical Society
Visits to Dublin and Belfast, 1954, Belfast, 1976.
Reference: SA/TSS

Multiple Sclerosis Society
Files on Northern Ireland Branch, 1955-77, and on Peter Stott Martin House, 1967-8, and International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies file on Ireland, 1956-74.
Reference: SA/MSS/C.228-30, D.34

Sir Robert Macintosh (1897-1989)
Travel diaries of visits to Ireland, 1959, 1960, 1965.
Reference: PP/RRM/C

Abortion Law Reform Association
Cuttings from Irish Press, 1960-71; Madeleine Simms’ file of correspondence, notes, cuttings, articles, pamphlets etc, on abortion in Northern Ireland and Eire, and on Belfast conference, 1974-80.
Reference: SA/ALR

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Photographs at Northern Ireland School of Physiotherapy, Belfast, c.1964.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Society of Medical Officers of Health
Records of Northern Ireland Branch and Northern Ireland Region, 1967-79.
Reference: SA/SMO/N.9

Sir Harold Perceval Himsworth
Papers relating to his work with committee investigating the use of CS gas by the British Army in Londonderry, 1967-73.
Reference: PP/HPH/C

Robert Henry Stewart Thompson
Diaries of visits to Northern Ireland with what later became known as the Himsworth Committee, and material on the use of CS Gas in Northern Ireland, 1969-71. 
Reference: PP/RHT/C

Birth Control Campaign
File of press cuttings relating to situation in Ireland, 1973-4.
Reference: SA/BCC/E.20

ASH (Action on Smoking and Health)
Northern Ireland Branch, 1975-89.
Reference: SA/ASH/E.1/3

ECHS: European Collaborative Hospitals/Health Service Study
Limerick, Eire and Londonderry, Northern Ireland, were among the regional centres for comparing the input and outcome of Health Services in different European countries, 1980-95.
Reference: GC/191

World Federation of Occupational Therapists
File relating to constitution of national association, Ireland, 1980-93.
Reference: SA/WFO/I/5

BACUP (British Association of Cancer United Patients and their Family and Friends)
Relations with Irish Cancer Society, 1983-6, and Ulster Cancer Foundation, 1983-6.
Reference: SA/BAC/H.9, H.26

Alice Stewart
File on Symposium on Radiation Health attended in Dublin, and correspondence with Dr Mary Dunphy of Irish Medical Campaign for the Prevention of Nuclear War, also correspondence relating to a meeting of Irish Federation of University Women, Cork 1986.
Reference: PP/AMS/J.4/2, 7 

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