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This guide highlights primary source material from the Archives and Manuscripts Collection, relating to the local history of English counties in the East Midlands. It includes information about local families, individuals and organisations.

Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland.

Banks family, Revesby Abbey
In papers of the naturalist Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820), naturalist, material relating to Lincolnshire, including copy of a grant of property to Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford, in, 1609. Correspondence and papers concerning: excavations at Revesby, Banks' appointment as Sheriff of Lincolnshire and the Livings of Barrow and Northcoates, Hemingby Hospital, and the water supply of Boston. 1609-1806 and no date. 
Reference: MS.5215

For additional material on Hemingby Hospital.
Reference: MS 2826

Order probably issued by Joseph Banks (1665-1727), on behalf of the Lindsey Quarter Sessions, for watches to be kept on the Lincolnshire coast for ships from places infected with plague, 1721.
Reference: MS.7250/1

For extensive further Banks material not related to Lincolnshire specifically, see catalogue indices Saleby, Lincolnshire: receipt dated at Saleby, relating to "Married Soldiers House of Correction", 1657.
Reference: MS.7382/5

Moore family, Appleby, Leicestershire
Letter from John Moore (1620-1702), London merchant and later Lord Mayor, to his brother Charles Moore at Appleby, describing the course of the Plague in London, 1665.
Reference: MS.7382/3

Eusebius Ashby (1662-1741) and others, Blaby, Leicestershire
Two books of remedies for horses, 1705-40.
Reference: MS.993-4

Mary Fidgeon (alive around 1728), midwife, Apethorpe, Nottinghamshire
Certificate issued by diocesan authorities, certified by William Wake (1657-1737), Prebendary of Lincoln cathedral, 1728.
Reference: MS.3544/9

Spalding Gentlemen's Society
Note on recent proceedings, sent by the President to the Royal Society, 1748.
Reference: MS.5403/58

Robert Petrie (alive around 1762), physician, Lincoln
Letter giving an account of an influenza epidemic at Lincoln, 1762.
Reference: MS.7396/14

Hemingby Hospital, Lincolnshire
Account book, signed by Sir Joseph Banks, 1792-1801.
Reference: MS.2826

See also Sir Joseph Banks papers.
Reference: MS.5215

Ann Palmer (alive around c.1810), wife of Robert Nelthorpe Palmer (1765-1821), Vicar of Redbourne, Lincolnshire
Recipes, c.1810. 
Reference: MS.3739

Notebook compiled by a visitor to the spa at Buxton, in search of a cure for his rheumatism. Material includes maps, observations on medicinal waters, descriptions of Buxton and of excursions in the surrounding area, and a poem in rhyming couplets entitled 'Buxton in both seasons, 1817', beginning 'Buxton thou washpot of the North', 1817.
Reference: MS.6108

Sarah Ellis (alive around c.1820), Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Recipe book, c.1820.
Reference: MS.2291

Sir James Edward Smith (1759-1828), botanist
Paper for the Linnean Society describing a tour from London to Liverpool, Matlock and Arley (Worcestershire), 1820.
Reference: MS.7641/4

Mr Baines (alive around c.1825), silk-dyer, Boston, Lincolnshire, and others
Books of recipes and general notes, c.1825.
Reference: MS.1032

Daybook of an unidentified general practitioner working in the Winster area (majority of patients from Winster, Elton, Birchover, Wensley and Darley Bridge), 1836-7.
Reference: MS.7644

Miss Fulsham and Richard Fulsham, surgeon, East Shilton, Leicestershire
Culinary recipes, apparently collected by Miss Fulsham. A few items written on envelopes addressed to Richard Fulsham, 1842-50 and no date. 
Reference: MS.5854/8-56

John Sloane MD (1829-1891), Milford Place, Leicester
Letters received by Sloane, 1848-92.
Reference: MS.6820

Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866), physician and philanthropist
Certificate of marriage to Sarah Frances Scaife at Friends' Meeting House, Nottingham, 1850.
Reference: MS.5680

Chemist's prescription book, Nottinghamshire
Mainly prescriptions for named individuals from the northern fringes of Nottingham, also medical, veterinary and household recipes and notes, 19th century.
Reference: MS.7791

James Patterson (alive around 1858-1859), teacher at the Deaf and Dumb Institution, Manchester
Diary, including account of visit to London travelling via the Peak District, Sheffield and Grantham, 1858-9.
Reference: MSS.7352-3

John Ward MD (died 1901), Glossop, Derbyshire
Commonplace book, containing notes and extracts from medical books and journals plus religious material, written in part prior to Ward's graduation (MD St Andrew's, 1862), and in part while in practice at Glossop, 1861-7.
Reference: MS.6039

Thomas Stiles, Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire
Medical report to the Standard Life Assurance Company, concerning the Reverend Marmaduke Conolly, 1861.
Reference: MS.5658/4

Brigg, Lincolnshire, general practice
Articles of partnership between Robert Haldane Paterson, surgeon and apothecary, and James Titley MD, physician and surgeon, 1864.
Reference: MS.7962

Lincoln General Hospital
Register of obstetric cases compiled by William Arthur Carline, later surgeon to the hospital, 1872-1912.
Reference: MS.1509

Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Letter discussing a whale or mammoth bone in Chesterfield church, known as the "Dun Cow's Rib", mounted on the back of a letter by the chemist Sir Lyon Playfair (1818-1898), 1879.
Reference: MS.7431/1

Fennings Pharmaceuticals
Had a manufacturing plant at Mabelthorpe, Lincolnshire.
Reference: SA/FEN

Queen’s Nursing Institute
Records of relations with affiliated local branches, 1890s-1970s. Some deposited material from local district nursing associations.
Reference: SA/QNI

Vernon John Greenhough MRCS (1853-1907), Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire
Diary and accounts, 1897-1902.
Reference: MS.6921

Research Defence Society
Records of Leicester and Nottingham branches, c.1908-19.
Reference: SA/RDS/D.1

British Medical Association
Material on Public Medical Services in all areas of the UK, also on specific local friendly/medical aid societies, medical institutions, etc, 1900s-60s.
Reference: SA/BMA

No 4 District (Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire and Middlesex) Master and Matrons’ Association
Minutes, 1918-36.
Reference: SA/AHR/A.35

Letter by "Professor" Thomas Timson of the International Phrenological and Psychological Institute, Leicester, describing the spread of phrenology there, 1922.
Reference: MS.7713

John Fulton Barr (1868-1954)
Diaries kept while living and practising at Unstone, near Sheffield, 1923-48.
Reference: PP/JFB

Eugenics Society
Files relating to Leicester Intelligence Survey, 1949, and Leicestershire Insurance Committee (Eugenics Services), 1931-4, and correspondence with C Killick Millard (Medical Officer of Health), 1920-35, and C J Bond, 1922-49.
Reference: SA/EUG

Society of Medical Officers of Health
Records of East Midland Branch and Trent Region, 1930-81.
Reference: SA/SMO/N.2

Family Planning Association (formerly the National Birth Control Association)
Records of its dealings with its own regional federations, area organisation, local branches and clinics, correspondence with local authorities, 1930-74. Records of its regional administration, 1965-1991. Includes records of following branches: Chesterfield, 1942-71, Newark and District, 1962-9, Sutton in Ashfield, 1965-8, and Alfreton, 1967-70.
Reference: SA/FPA

Mary Louisa Drabble (1900-1972)
Items relating to her position as Public Vaccinator, Matlock District, 1931.
Reference: GC/227/A.5

Voluntary Euthanasia Society
Founded in 1935 in Leicester by C Killick Millard (Medical Officer of Health) and C J Bond, and had its head-quarters there until 1954.
Reference: SA/VES

James Randal Hutchinson (c.1880-1955) and William Henry Bradley (1898-1975)
Influenzal pneumonia at Scunthorpe, 1938. Outbreak of food poisoning in Scunthorpe, 1940. Measles serum jaundice, Leicester, 1942-3.
Reference: PP/JRH

Sir George Godber (born 1908)
‘Hospital Survey of Sheffield and East Midlands Area’, draft and letters, 1944.
Reference: GC/201

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Buxton Sub-Branch minutes, 1945-79. Photographs of physiotherapy at Nottingham General Hospital, 1935, opening of Nottingham School of Physiotherapy, 1965; and physiotherapists instructing in lifting at John Player and Sons, Nottingham, 1974. Photograph albums of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Nottingham, 1980.
Reference: SA/CSP/J.4/1. Q.1, Q.2/8-9

Donald Hunter (1898-1977)
Reports on visits to Midlands factories, 1947-70, in connection with occupational health.
Reference: PP/HUN/D

Cancer Research Campaign
File on the Lincolnshire Council of the Campaign, 1926-60, and the Nottinghamshire Council, 1949-66.
Reference: SA/CRC/F.1/9,18

Multiple Sclerosis Society
Files on East Midlands Branch, 1976, and other specific local branches, 1950s-70s.
Reference: SA/MSS/C

Sir Robert Macintosh (1897-1989)
Travel diary of visit to Lincoln. 1954.
Reference: PP/RRM/C.92

Medical Women’s Federation
Correspondence with local Associations, 1960s-80s.
Reference: SA/MWF

George Hirst
Memoir, ‘I was a nurse’, recounts his experiences as a district nurse in Grimsby, 1961-88.
Reference: MS.8772

Medical Pilgrims
Records of ‘Pilgrimage’ to Nottingham, 1975.
Reference: SA/PIL

Alice Mary Stewart
Files relating to interaction with local groups and individuals concerned about the environment and issues to do with low-level radiation, 1980s-90s.
Reference: PP/AMS

BACUP (British Association of Cancer United Patients and their Family and Friends)
Correspondence with Coping with Cancer, Leicester, 1985.
Reference: SA/BAC/E.2/13

Psychiatry Interviews
Tapes and transcripts of interviews conducted in, 1988 by Sam Sussman with three Nottingham psychiatrists (A D Douglas, E D Oram and A Minto).
Reference: GC/132

Travelling Surgical Society
Visit to Nottingham, 1990.
Reference: SA/TSS

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