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This guide highlights primary source material about central London from the Archives and Manuscripts Collection.

It includes material spanning from the 18th century to the 21st century for the City of London and the City of Westminster, and the inner areas of several adjoining boroughs. The Archives and Manuscripts catalogue holds further details of these items.

Hospitals and institutions

Benevolent Institution, Strand
Card promoting Dr Andrew Thynne as a candidate for Physician, 1816.
Reference: MS.7280/2

Two notes from governors of the Institution appointing proxies to vote on their behalf for Dr Thynne, 1816. Reference: MS.7734/57

Bethlehem Hospital
Letter asking that Dr Keith be appointed physician, 1708.
Reference: MS.7227/1

Letter from W Charles Hood at Bethlehem Royal Hospital to the Royal College of Surgeons of England, describing attendance of students at the Hospital, 1862.
Reference: MS.7227/2

Letters by Edward Thomas Monro FRCP (1790-1856) and Thomas Monro FRCP (1759-1833), physicians at Bethlem Hospital, 1822-54 and no date.
Reference: MS.7337/55-63

See also South London: Hospitals and Institutions: Maudsley Hospital.

Bishop's Court Dispensary
Letter by Robert Monsey Rolfe, Baron Cranworth (1790-1868), Lord Chancellor, concerning the Dispensary's anniversary dinner, 1863.
Reference: MS.7825/21

Central London Ophthalmic Hospital
Draft announcement to the Times, by the surgeon Henry Haynes Walton FRCS (1816-1889), concerning enlargement of hospital's medical staff, no date.
Reference: MS.7826/29

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Legal documents, etc, relating to Society’s premises in Tavistock House, 1930-62, and move to 14 Bedford Row, 1969, including photographs.
Reference: SA/CSP

Charterhouse Rheumatism Clinic
Ephemera, cuttings and reprints concerning, 1930s-60s.
Reference: GC/47

City of London (Victoria Park) Hospital for Consumption and Chest Diseases
Photograph of open-air treatment, c.1900.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Courtauld Institute of Biochemistry, University of London
Files relating to Robert Henry Stewart Thompson’s association with, including historical items, 1965-89.
Reference: PP/RHT/A.11

Cowdray Club, London (for Nurses), Cavendish Square W1
Lady Cowdray’s papers concerning, 1916-39.
Reference: SA/NFN/B.19

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (formerly New) Hospital
Historical material and memorabilia, campaign against closure, 1870s-1980s.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.44-9

City Temple Literary Society
File of correspondence with Eugenics Society, 1920-31.
Reference: SA/EUG/D.56

Family Planning Association (formerly National Birth Control Association)
Records of its dealings with its own regional federations, area organisation, local branches and clinics, correspondence with local authorities, 1930-74. Records of its regional administration, 1965-1991.
Reference: SA/FPA

Florence Nightingale Hospital
File relating to the hospital in the Medical Women’s Federation archive.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.31

General Dispensary
See Personal Papers, John Coakley Lettsom.

General Lying-In Hospital
National Birthday Trust Fund correspondence with relating to donations, 1929-49.
Reference: SA/NBT/F.6/1

Guy's Hospital
Pharmacopœia, 1743.
Reference:  MS.6164

Pharmacopœia, in recipe collection, 1746.
Reference: MS.7152

List of wards and pharmacopœia, in papers of Carr family mid-18th century.
Reference: MS.5203

Manuscript testimonial for Dr Oliver Barron on his moving to Liverpool, signed by senior figures at Guy's (William Babington, James Curry, John Haighton and John Relph), 1803.
Reference: MS.7326/1

Case records, amongst lecture notes etc, 1804-1805.
Reference: MSS.1682-1683

Case notes, 1810.
Reference: MS.5267

Pharmacopœia, interleaved (Sir William Withey Gull's copy), 1838.
Reference: MS.2654

Dental school, anæsthetists' minute book, 1889-1895.
Reference: MS.5977

Printed letter to a VAD nurse detailing recent developments at the hospital, 1916.
Reference: MS.7891/1

Student notebooks of W Sampson Handley FRCS (1872-1962), 1894.
Reference: GC/152

Robert Henry Stewart Thompson’s files relating to his association with, 1935-67.
Reference: PP/RHT/A.7

Photographs, of Snowsfield Hut, new physiotherapy centre, c.1967 and physiotherapists working with patients, 1972.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Materials for proposed, unpublished, history, ‘The Guy’s Story: Personality of a Hospital’, by David Stafford-Clark, 1978-87.
Reference: PP/DSC/B.3/4

Professor Cyril Chantler
‘Guy’s Hospital: A Case Study, 1985-1988’.
Reference: MS.8610

See also Personal Papers, Thomas Frederick Isaacson Blaker.

Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street
Casebook kept by Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake including this institution, 1891-2.
Reference: MS.5794

Philip Rainsford Evans’ papers reflect his work at the hospital, and include two files on its history.
Reference: PP/PRE

Photographs of opening of hydrotherapy pool, 1965.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

See also General Section: Personal Papers: Sir Thomas Barlow

Infants Hospital, Westminster
See General: Personal Papers: E C Pritchard.

Institute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency
Chapter by Marjorie E Franklin in ‘The Expanding Field of Mental Health in England and Wales, 50 years of progress, 1918-1968’.
Reference: MS.7913/57

London Child Guidance Clinic
Material relating to John Bowlby’s association with, 1935-87.
Reference: PP/BOW/C.3

Robina Addis’s files concerning her involvement with, mainly 1930s.
Reference: PP/ADD/C.3

London Phrenological Institution
Letter by Stackpool Edward O'Dell, founder of the Institution, 1880.
Reference: MS.7364/12

London Vaccine Institution
Annual report 1809/10.
Reference: MS.5120/71

Facts respecting the London Vaccine Institution in papers of Charles Murray c.1807-8.
Reference: MS.5244/133

Diplomas of honorary membership, 1816-32.
Reference: MS.5247, MS.5945/9

Correspondence, 1808, 1817 and no date.
Reference: MS.5248

Medical Pilgrims
50th Anniversary Meeting at The London and Guy’s, 1978.
Reference: SA/PIL

Medical theatre, 58 Aldersgate Street
Certificate, 1830.
Reference: MS.7274/3

Mental After-Care Association
Correspondence and legal documents, and photographs, relating to their premises at Eagle House, Jermyn Street, W1, Bainbridge House, WC1, and Bedford Square WC1, 1960s-90s.
Reference: SA/MAC

Metropolitan Hospital
See General section, Personal Papers: Lyon Falkener.

Middlesex Hospital
Letter by Henry Warburton, radical politician, concerning constitution of the hospital, 1829.
Reference: MS.7337/105

Noel Gordon Harris’s files relating to his period at the Middlesex, 1938-59.
Reference: PP/NGH

Mothers’ Clinic
Established by Marie Stopes in 1921, moved to Whitfield Street, WC1 in 1926.
Reference: PP/MCS

Additional material in Eugenics Society archives.
Reference: SA/EUG/K

Multiple Sclerosis Society
Files on: Camden, Hackney, Islington, Lambeth, Southwark, Westminster Branches, 1950s-70s.
Reference: SA/MSS/C

National Birthday Trust Fund (founded 1928)
Material relating to premises in central London, especially 57 Lower Belgrave Street, SW1, 1929-89. Events at the House of Commons, 1956-60. Fundraising events at various London landmarks, theatres, hotels, etc, 1929-56.
Reference: SA/NBT

National Heart Hospital
Sir James Keith Ross’s files, mainly to do with early heart transplantation operations, 1960s.
Reference: GC/238

National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic (became the National Hospital for Nervous Disease, Queen Square)
Abstracts of minutes, 1859-64.
Reference: GC/83/13

New Hospital for Women
Case notes by Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake, 1895.
Reference: MS.5795

See also: Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital.

Public Dispensary, Clare Market
Letters from Sir Hugh McAlmont Cairns (1819-1885) (later 1st Earl Cairns and Lord Chancellor) and Roundell Palmer, 1st Earl of Selbourne (1812-1895), Lord Chancellor, concerning the Public Dispensary, 1866-75.
Reference: MS.7825/4 and 17

Queen’s Nursing Institute (founded 1889)
Deposited reports of Westminster Nursing Committee, 1890-[1947], Chelsea, Pimlico and Belgravia Nursing Association, 1889-1946, and Westminster and Chelsea Nursing Association, 1947-73.
Reference: SA/QNI

Royal Army Medical College, Millbank
Various items concerning, 1900s-70s.
Reference: RAMC

Royal College of Surgeons
Letter from William Chadwell Mylne, engineer to the New River Company, to the architect George Dance the younger, concerning water supply, 1819.
Reference: MS.7358/23

Royal Free Hospital
Letter concerning the Hospital's anniversary festival, 1850.
Reference: MS.7326/5

Casebook kept by Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake including this institution, 1891-2.
Reference: MS.5794

Photographs taken in Department of Physical Medicine, c.1948, and of short-wave diathermy c.1967.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

See also Education: London Medical School for Women, and Personal Papers: Elizabeth Batten.

Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Material relating to Society’s premises at Manson House, 26 Portland Place W1, 1926-77.
Reference: WTI/RST/B

Royal Universal Infirmary for Children, Waterloo Bridge Road
Proxy voting slips, signed by various of the Infirmary's governors, 1829.
Reference: MS.7656

Saint Bartholomew's Hospital
Receipts for rents of tenements in Smithfield, 1659-65.
Reference: MS.5257

Pharmacopœia, 1743.
Reference: MS.6164

Typescript extracts from Court minutes of 1747 and 1821, made by Sir D'Arcy Power, c.1900.
Reference: MS.627

Letter by George North, numismatist and antiquary, to Dr Anthony Askew (1722-1774), Physician of St Bartholomew's Hospital, referring to Rahere, founder of St Bartholomew's, 1756.
Reference: MS.7368/5

Clinical notes probably by a House Physician, including patients with gun-shot wounds inflicted during the Gordon Riots, 1777-81.
Reference: MS.4337

Letter sending patient for examination, 1817.
Reference: MS.5258

Lease of premises in Smithfield to James Arnold, surgical instrument manufacturer, 1845.
Reference: MS.5272

Letter by Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton arguing for research laboratory at St Bartholomew's, 1900.
Reference: MS.5970

Photographs of nurses in Humphry Rolleston's album, 1879-1888.
Reference: MS.6122/83,84,141

Clinical records by E C C Bramwell of four cases in Casualty Ward, 1887.
Reference: MS.1342

Student lecture notes and case notes, of Ernest George Pringle, 1900-2.
Reference: GC/34

Lord Horder’s diaries of patient appointments, 1907-55.
Reference: GP/31

Sir Antony Bowlby, files and memorabilia, 1880-1937, including material on building works, 1900-5.
Reference: GC/181/B

Records of psychotherapy group for dermatology patients run by S H Foulkes, 1946-50.
Reference: PP/SHF

See also General section, Personal Papers: Lyon Falkener, Testimonials, certificates etc - see indices.

Saint George's Hospital
Two receipts recording payments towards the support of the hospital, 1760-1844.
Reference: MS.7903/3-4

Printed and illustrated ticket entering Thomas Mitchell as a student at St George's Hospital, London, signed by various medical figures including the anatomist John Hunter (1728-1793), 1786.
Reference: MS.7847/15

Letters from Henry Vandyke Carter while medical student here, 1848-1853.
Reference: MS.5810

Journals by Henry Vandyke Carter while medical student and Demonstrator in Anatomy, 1848-1852, 1857-1858.
Reference: MSS.5816, 5818

Casebook for which Heywood Smith was awarded the prize for Clinical Surgery, 1863.
Reference: MS.4635

Correspondence between hospital’s Hunterian Society and Eugenics Society, 1935.
Reference: SA/EUG/D.102

See also Personal Papers: Charles Hunter, and P M Clewett; Testimonials, certificates etc - see indices.

Saint John's Hospital for Diseases of the Skin
Case notes by James Startin, 1877-1880.
Reference: MS.6026

See also Personal Papers: Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake.

St Mark’s Hospital
Papers of Sir Allen Daley while on the Board of Governors’ Finance Committee, 1957-64.
Refernce: PP/AWD

Sir Francis Avery Jones’ file relating to St Mark’s, 1972-7.
Reference: GC/198

Saint Mary's Hospital
Notes on three medical cases taken by Arthur Cyril Ransome, 1892.
Reference: MS.5983

Physiotherapy treatment room, c.1910.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Leonard Colebrook
Diary and some other material relating to his period at, 1920s-40s.
Reference: PP/COL

Dr John Dalziel Wyndham Pearce (1905-1994)
Clinical psychiatrist. File of letters relating to appointment to posts and membership of Board of Governors, 1948-70.
Reference: GC/192

See also Personal Papers: Peter Karl Lewin, and General: Personal Papers: Ronald Hare

Saint Thomas's Hospital
Clinical notes and Catalogus Medicamentorum c.1730.
Reference: MS.4382

Pharmacopœia, 1743.
Reference: MS.6164

Pharmacopœia, in recipe collection, 1746.
Reference: MS.5752

Pharmacopœia, in collection of notes etc by John Parkinson of Wandsworth, c.1747.
Reference: MS.6148

Account book of Thomas Baker, Surgeon from 1739, naming apprentices, dressers and students, 1732-70.
Reference: MS.5781

Papers on ownership of anatomical collection, 1825-9.
Reference: MS.7804

Catalogue of specimens in Physiological Laboratory, by Theodore Dyke Acland, c.1880.
Reference: MS.839

Case notes by Theodore Dyke Acland including cases at St Thomas's Hospital, 1893-1914.
Reference: MS.845

William Walters Sargant’s files relating to Department of Psychological Medicine, 1948-65.
Reference: PP/WWS/B.2

Sir John McMichael’s files on proposed amalgamation with Westminster and King’s College Medical Schools, 1973-9.
Reference: PP/JMM/B/4

See also Personal Papers, John Coakley Lettsom and General: Personal Papers: Ronald Hare.

Samaritan Hospital - see Personal Papers: W Sampson Handley.

Savoy Hospital
Grant of annual sum by Master and Chaplains to Robert Allott for medical advice, 1608.
Reference: MS.6232

Lease of Master's Lodgings, 1685.
Reference: MS.6006

Scottish Hospital
Financial and administrative papers, 1799-1843.
Reference: MS.6825

Surrey Dispensatory
Letter by Philip Henry Stanhope FRS, 4th Earl Stanhope (1781-1855), mentioning work with new materia medica of Dr Whiting at the Surrey Dispensatory, 1828.
Reference: MS.7825/23

Surrey Institution
Letter from Johann Kaspar Spurzheim arranging a course of lectures on phrenology, 1815.
Reference: MS.7636/1

Swedish Institution for the Cure of Diseases by Manual Treatment
Prescriptions by Jonas Henrik Kellgren, 1875.
Reference: MS.5408

Tavistock Clinic/Institute of Human Relations
Papers relating to John Bowlby’s connection with, 1947-72.
Reference: PP/BOW

Doris Odlum
Chapter in ‘The Expanding Field of Mental Health in England and Wales, 50 years of progress, 1918-1968’.
Reference: MS.7913/39

Travelling Surgical Society
Visits to London (general), 1972, 1987, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, 1975, Guy’s Hospital, 1980, Middlesex Hospital, 1983.
Reference: SA/TSS

University College Hospital
National Birthday Trust Fund correspondence about donations to, 1929-36, and research projects undertaken at hospital, 1930s-60s.
Reference: SA/NBT

Victoria Institute, Strand
Letter by J Petrie about the affairs of the Institute, 1871.
Reference: MS.7358/57

Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research
Located at various central London addresses. Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, 1913-20, and subsequently in vicinity of Euston Road. Records, 1913-39.
Reference: WA/BSR

Wellcome Chemical Research Laboratory
Before being brought under  Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research, located at Snow Hill, EC1. Records 1899-c.1946.
Reference: WA/CRL

Wellcome Historical Medical Museum
Initially in Wigmore Street, W1, then at 183 Euston Road except for a short period, 1947-54, in Portman Square. Records, 1874-c.1984.
Reference: WA/HMM

Wellcome Museum of Medical Science
Established as Museum of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 1914, in Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, subsequently moving to Vere Street, W1, and then to the Euston Road area. Records 1923-83.
Reference: WA/MMS

Western Dispensary
Invitation to dine with the dispensary's governing body, addressed to Viscount Melville as a vice-president, 1811.
Reference: MS.7903/7

Westminster Dispensary
Notes of lectures by John Epps, homeopathic physician, 1835.
Reference: MS.6007

Westminster Hospital
Radiotherapy Interview. Colleagues of Sir Stanford Cade, interviewed in 1993.
Reference: GC/171

Sir John McMichael’s files on proposed amalgamation with Westminster and King’s College Medical Schools, 1973-9.
Reference: PP/JMM/B/4

Unnamed London Hospital
Physician’s Register 1901.
Reference: GC/115

See also General: Personal Papers: Harold Burnett Hewitt.

Charing Cross Hospital, Finsbury Dispensary, Guy's Hospital, King's College Hospital, Middlesex Hospital, Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, St Bartholomew's Hospital, St George's Hospital Medical School, University College Hospital, Westminster Hospital
Certificates, lecture notes, testimonials etc.
For details see indices to manuscript catalogues.


General practitioners

Hodgkin family
Papers of Thomas Hodgkin, who practised in Central London, include case notes.
See General section.

Thomas Jeeves Horder, Lord Horder of Ashford (1871-1955)
Personalia, appointment diaries, speeches and writings, 1904-55.
Reference: GP/31

Edward Jenner (1749-1823)
Physician. Notebook recording patients whilst resident at Hertford Street, Mayfair, 1803.
Reference: MS.3021

Peter Mere Latham
Casebooks, patients including Michael Faraday and Archbishop William Howley, 1839-44.
Reference: MSS.3176-7

Dr William Collins Luffman (alive around 1909)
Blackfriars Road. Record of fees received, 1909-34.
Reference: MS.3345

(George) Eric Campbell Pritchard (1864-1943)
Unpublished autobiography ‘Harley Street Calling. Some reminiscences of a medical man’.
Reference: GC/49

Buxton Shillitoe
Visiting lists, notes on patients, fees received and accounts, 1851-1883.
Reference: MSS.4528-4563

Sir Thomas Watson, Cavendish Square
Notes on cases, 1853-6.
Reference: MS.4978

Various reports by London doctors
Concerning applicants for life assurance, 1819-1836.
Reference: MS.5658

Business records, including commercial utilities

William Allen (1770-1843)
Pharmacist, Plough Court. Letter to Allen's pharmacy from the Brighton pharmacist John Glaisyer, placing an order, 1809.
Reference: MS.7825/7

Other correspondence to or from Allen, not relating to London issues.
Reference: MSS7397, 7400/73 and 7780/1

James Arnold
Surgical instrument manufacturer. Miscellaneous papers including lease of premises at West Smithfield, 1837-77.
Reference: MS.5272

Claudius Ash & Sons
Manufacturers of mineral teeth. Bill and note to customer, 1843.
Reference: MS.7290/2

William Bacon
Chemist, Oxford Street. Price list, to be found inside the letterbook of Gilbert Laurie & Co, druggists, Edinburgh, c.1785.
Reference: MS.3181

Bartlett & Goodall
Dispensing chemists, Crawford Street, Bryanston Square. Prescription books, 1937-61.
Reference: MSS.1080-4

Biochemical Society
Papers relating to purchase and refurbishment of their premises in Portland Place, W1, 1987-90. Also property book for premises at 7 Warwick Court WC1.
Reference: SA/BIO/C.21

British Society of Immunology
Files relating to their leased premises at 11 Hobart Place SW1, 1984-90.
Reference: SA/BSI/E.1

William Buchanan
Apothecary. Indenture taking George Buchanan as apprentice, 1815.
Reference: MS.5146

T Burden & Co
Dispensing chemists, Store Street. Prescription books, 1863-1911.
Reference: MSS.6217-9

Samuel Byles
Surgeon, apothecary and man-midwife, Spitalfields. Indenture taking TN Brushfield as apprentice, 1843.
Reference: MS.5146

Robert Carter, Haymarket
Account for medicines purchased, 1733-53.
Reference: MS.5268

Central Fund for the Industrial Welfare of Tuberculous Persons
Ran factory for the manufacture of fancy leather goods in Holborn for the commercial employment of tuberculous ex-servicemen. Minutes, 1935-53.
Reference: SA/NPT/E

Thomas Acraman Coate
Dispensing chemist, The Strand. Recipe book, 1863.
Reference: MS.6954

Corbyn & Co
Chemists. Records, 1726-1910.
Reference: MSS.5435-60

John Roalfe Cox
Vet, Mayfair & Streatham. Bill, 1869.
Reference: MS.7562/35

Thomas Day, Son & Hewitt
Wholesale chemists based in Paddington and Wantage, Berkshire. Bills, 1868-1926.
Reference: MS.7564/7, 11, 14, 18 and 23

The Dog Sanatorium Ltd, City
Bill, 1911.
Reference: MS.7562/99

P & J Dollond
Opticians. Account for instruments purchased, 1761-81.
Reference: MS.5268

John Fairbank and Marcus Davis
Dentists. Ledger, including royalty and other eminent patients, 1883.
Reference: MS.5464

George Fincham
Apothecary, Spring Gardens. Indenture taking Horatio Goodday as apprentice, 1822.
Reference: MS.7277/1

General Apothecaries Co. Ltd
Records, 1855-1951.
Reference: MSS.5492-5506

Group Analytic Society
Files relating to Society premises, including lease of Bickenhall Mansions W1, 1980-2.
Reference: SA/GAS/C.4/3

Joseph and Thomas Keens
Chemists, Holborn. Account for medicines supplied to James Leigh Esq, 1762.
Reference: MS.7526/3

Photocopied account book of Staffordshire midwife includes list of London ironmongers, 1806.
Reference: MS.8965

B W Lara & Co
Agents for the sale of medical practices and partnerships. Letterbook, 1881.
Reference: MS.3170

Hugh Marchant
Waterworks proprietor. Petitions to the Commissioners of Sewers for Westminster, 1694-5.
Reference: MS.5659

Benjamin Martin
Optician. Account for instruments purchased, 1761-81.
Reference: MS.5268

William Martindale
Pharmaceutical chemist, New Cavendish Street. Prescription books, 1885-90.
Reference: MSS.5984-5

Martindale and Co, W1
Dispensing chemists. Prescription registers, 1936-70.
Reference: GC/26

W Mavor & Son
Vets, New Bond Street. Bill, 1846.
Reference: MS.7562/12

Articles of agreement binding George South as an apprentice to William Mavor, 1833.
Reference: MS.7569/1

Alexander Moon
Vet, Grosvenor Square. Certificate of having carried out a veterinary examination upon a horse, 1876.
Reference: MS.7565/2

Thomas Morson & Son Ltd
Pharmaceutical manufacturers, based in Bloomsbury before relocation to North London in late 19th century. Business records, papers relating to the Morson family and photographs, 1818-1970.
Reference: SA/MOR

Francis Newbery
Chemist, St Paul's Churchyard. Price list, to be found inside the letterbook of Gilbert Laurie & Co, druggists, Edinburgh c.1785.
Reference: MS.3181

W Parsons
Vet, South Kensington. Bill, 1887.
Reference: MS.7563/24

Patients’ Association
Files relating to their premises in Dartmouth Street, SW1, and Charing Cross Road, WC1, 1978-85.
Reference: SA/PAT/B/2/1

Potter & Hailey
Herbalists, Farringdon Market. List of articles sold, early 19th century. 
Reference: MS.7226/2

Reynolds Gout Specific Co, London
Recipe and legal documents, 1868-94.
Reference: MS.5987

Mr Ringsted
Coachmaker, Long Acre. Letter from Dr George Talbot concerning delivery of a coach, 1776.
Reference: MS.7674/8

Savory & Moore
Chemists. Letters relating to the supply of surgical lint for the war in the Crimea, 1854-5.
Reference: MS.7874

Savory and Moore
Dispensing chemists, Belgravia. Prescription registers, 1912-44.
Reference: GC/16

William A South
Vet, Westminster. Bill, 1908.
Reference: MS.7562/96

Peter Squire (later Squire & Co)
Chemists, Oxford Street. Trade and personal account books, 1832-85, with gaps.
Reference: MSS.4687-90, 4692

Peter Taylor
Chemist, Marylebone. Prescription books, 1914-37.
Reference: MSS.4760-1

Un-named chemist
Probably based in Islington. Prescription books, 1845-88.
Reference: MSS.3975-93

Un-named chemist
Probably based in the West End. Prescription book, 1847-8.
Reference: MS.7692

James Webster
Leadenhall Street. Account for medicines purchased, 1753-73.
Reference: MS.5268

Wellcome Foundation
Head Office site of pharmaceutical company was at Snow Hill, EC1, c.1879 until it was bombed in World War II and moved into premises of  Wellcome Research Institution, (founded 1932), later The Wellcome Building, at 183 Euston Road, moved to Unicorn House, 1990. Records of firm’s operations, 1870s-1990s, includes much on other institutions founded by Sir Henry Wellcome.
Reference: WF

Whiffen & Sons Ltd
Pharmaceutical manufacturers, and predecessor companies (Primatt & Maud; Biggar, Atkinson & Dell; George Atkinson & Co). Records, 1749-1971.
Reference: MSS.5878-94

George Williams
Vet, Pimlico. Bill, 1891.
Reference: MS.7562/59

Sir Robert Wigram MP
Shipowner, merchant and former East India Company surgeon (1744-1830). Paper arguing for lower duties on medicinal plants imported from the East to Great Britain, ascribed by an endorsement to "Mr Wigram, merchant" writing to "Mr Richardson, East India House" no date. (Probably early 19th century; before Wigram was knighted in 1815).
Reference: MS.7226/1

Wigram is also mentioned in the anonymous merchant's account book held.
Reference: MS.832

Miscellaneous accounts for medicines and treatment, 1699-1825
Reference: MS.5269


Local government

Corporation of London
Summons from the Lord Mayor, signed by various Corporation functionaries, concerning claim by John Gidley and William Oades, surgeons, to be exempt from inquest service by virtue of being freemen of the Barber-Surgeons' Company, 1692.
Reference: MS.7382/1

Grants of freedom of City of London to John Lister, 1760.
Reference: MS.6961/2

Edward Jenner, 1803.
Reference: MS.5231

William John Charles Richards, chemist, Blackfriars, 1857.
Reference: MS.6955

Certificate of William Comins' attending and treating prisoners in the Poultry Compter, 1793.
Reference: MS.7335/1

Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster Health Authority
Minutes and papers relating to setting up of Staff Occupational Health Department.
Reference: GC/135/7

Livery companies

Barber-Surgeons' Company
Receipt from sale of land in East Smithfield, 1717.
Reference: MS.5181

Copy of original 1435 charter, 1858.
Reference: MS.1054

Miscellaneous documents, some original and some copies, collected by Sir D'Arcy Power, 1635-1914.
Reference: MSS.627-8

Leathersellers' Company
Record of expenditure, 1607-1608.
Reference: MS.5306 

Legal papers

Alwich Close, St Giles in the Fields
Copies of deeds relating to acquisition (1634) and sale (1635) by Sir Kenelm Digby c.1675.
Reference: MS.2124

Deeds relating to properties including tenement in Ireland Yard owned by family of William Shakespeare, 1633-68.
Reference: MS.5957

Lincoln's Inn
Admission bond of Charles Beke and correspondence on outstanding dues, 1824-36.
Reference: MS.6833

St. Botolph-without-Aldersgate
Assignment of rectory, tithes, rents etc by Thomas Moundeforde, President of the College of Physicians of London, 1619.
Reference: MS.6040


Billingsgate Ward Schools
Account book (blank leaves later used as a notebook by an entomologist), 1853-1858 (later notes 1886-1914).
Reference: MS.2296

King’s College
Materials relating to Stanley Browne’s medical education and training to be a missionary, involvement with student activities, etc, 1920s-30s.
Reference: WTI/SGB/A

Lecture by V F Hall on history of Medical School 1923-48.
Reference: GC/203/3

Sir John McMichael
Files on proposed amalgamation of  King’s College, Westminster and St Thomas’s Medical Schools, 1973-9.
Reference: PP/JMM/B/4

Medical Women’s Federation
Material relating to establishment and early years of London Medical School for Women, later Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, 1870s-1970s. Protests against the closure of medical schools, particularly Street Mary’s, to women students, 1924-6.
Reference: SA/MWF

Charles McMoran Wilson, Lord Moran (1882-1977)
Records relating to his period as Dean of St Mary’s Medical School, 1920-45, with some earlier material.
Reference: PP/CMW/A

Royal College of Surgeons of England
Letters from Henry Vandyke Carter while student of anatomy here, 1853-1858.
Reference: MS.5810

Royal Polytechnic Institution: see Personal Papers, Edmund H Wilkie.

Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Papers of Sir Patrick Manson (1844-1922). Files about the London School of Tropical Medicine, c.1900-50.
Reference: WTI/RST/F

Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer (1850-1935)
Papers relating to his period as Jodrell Professor of Physiology, University College London, with some earlier material, 1868-1932.
Reference: PP/ESS/J

See also General: Personal Papers: Harold Burnett Hewitt.

Personal papers

Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake
Case books including cases at St John's Hospital, 1890-1.
Reference: MS.908

Anonymous collection of recipes
Including method for preserving leeches devised by John Scott of Oxford Street, c.1800.
Reference: MS.5854

Anonymous commonplace book
Including statistics for traffic over London Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge for one day in July 1811, 1811-1830.
Reference: MS.6111

Anonymous travel journal compiled by the ship's surgeon of the William Miles
An East India Company vessel, including account of shooting old London Bridge on the way to join his ship, and some descriptions of life in London after the ship's return from India (visit to theatre, gossip about the royal family, etc), 1819-1821.
Reference: MS.7114

Elizabeth Batten SRN (1884-1984)
Items relating to nursing career at Royal Free Hospital, c.1907-27.
Reference: GC/80

Thomas Frederick Isaacson Blaker
Casebook including cases treated at Guy's Hospital and midwifery cases recorded as an extern for an unnamed London charity, 1873-1874.
Reference: MS.6293

George Budd
Professor of Medicine, King's College, London. Family papers, c.1831-1894 and no date.
Reference: MS.5153

William? Cooper
Diary whilst Student Assistant Physician or Surgeon at Westminster Hospital, 1786.
Reference: MS.1856

P M Clewett
‘Reminiscences of the Hospital at the Corner’ [St George’s Hyde Park], as a probationer nurse, 1939-45.
Reference: GC/41

Hawley Harvey Crippen
Murderer. Letter promoting products of the Aural Remedies Co, written between Crippen's murder of his wife and his fleeing the country, 1910.
Reference: MS.8332

Thomas Dutton (alive around 1790)
London sugar cooper. Letter to a family friend, giving details of the will of Nicholas Nixon (died 1790), a merchant of Mincing Lane, London, whose beneficiaries include Bethlem, St Luke's, Christ's and St Bartholomew's Hospitals, the Asylum for Female Orphans at St George's Fields, and the Tower Ward Charity School, 1790.
Reference: MS.7544/1

Rhoda Fairfax [née Hussey] (died 1686)
Of London. Recipe book, 17th century.
Reference: MS.160

Michael Faraday (1791-1867)
Chemist and physicist. Correspondence etc Including photograph of house where Faraday lived when an apprentice, 1818-65 and no date.
Reference: MS.7844

Ambrose Godfrey
Chemist and assistant to Robert Boyle, Covent Garden. Book of chemical notes, early 18th century. 
Reference: MS.2533

Fréderic Guyaz
Swiss valet. Pocket book including recipes, and notes by Guyaz's executor, Moses Huguenin, a Haymarket perfumer, 1756-1819.
Reference: MS.2657

Dr William Aurelius Harland (1822-1858)
Letters written while studying in London, including decription of the Polytechnic Institution, Regent Street, 1842.
Reference: MS.7682/5-8

Letter to his sister describing a visit to London and in particular to the Crystal Palace at Sydenham, 1857.
Reference: MS.7682/67

Charles Hunter
Lecture certificate, Westminster Hospital, and notice of election as Governor of St George's Hospital, 1863.
Reference: MS.6892

Thomas Keating, chemist and druggist, St Paul's Churchyard
Family papers consisting of probate of will and assignment of cough lozenge recipe, 1855-77.
Reference: MS.5895

John Christopher Knight
Papers concerning his medical education in London, 1795-1817.
Reference: MS.5945

Robert Lee FRCP, FRS (1793-1877)
Diary and autobiographical fragments covering residence in London, 1838-73.
Reference: MSS.3218-9

Robert James Lee FRCP (1841-1924)
Diaries and autobiographical fragments covering residence in London, latterly as Physician to Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, 1857-1922.
Reference: MSS.3221-6

John Coakley Lettsom
Fragment of autobiography including life as medical student at St Thomas's Hospital, 1766-7.
Reference: MS.3245

Medical memoirs of the General Dispensary, c.1800
Reference: MS.3249

Peter Karl Lewin (born 1935)
Memoir, 'A Chameleon of Sorts: Autobiographical Vignettes', includes accounts of his life in London as a medical student at St Mary’s and post-qualification.
Reference: MS.8369

Dr Thomas Lewis (died 1746)
Hatton Garden. Commonplace book, late 17th-early 18th century.
Reference: MS/MSL/36

Robert Liston
Family papers including material relating to work as surgeon at University College Hospital, 1832-1901.
Reference: MSS.6084-6104

George Marsh
Director of Greenwich Hospital. Scrapbook kept by Marsh, with newspaper cuttings including an account of a balloon ascent from St George's Fields (p81) and letters on the Gordon Riots (pp23 and 47) c.1769-c.1798.
Reference: MS.7628

Loose newspaper cuttings including an announcement of a concert at Hanover Square in 1791 at which Haydn will play the harpsichord, 1791.
Reference: MS.7629/11

John Moore
London merchant, later Lord Mayor. Letter describing spread of plague in London, 1665.
Reference: MS.7382/3

Sir Norman Moore
Rede Lecture, "St Bartholomew's Hospital in peace and war" 1914-5.
Reference: MS.3625

John Moulton
Vicar of St Bartholomew the Less. Commonplace book including accounts of personal finances, c.1620.
Reference: MS.571

Florence Nightingale
Letters to Louisa Gordon, Matron of St Thomas's Hospital, 1890-1902.
Reference: MS.5476

William Oldham
Hatter, Bridge Street, Southwark. Manuscript commonplace book, containing moral and mystical speculations and reportage, as well as business accounts, 1828-c.1839 (plus insert from 1903).
Reference: MS.7299

Giles Oldsworth
Apothecary, St Giles in the Fields. Probate copy of will and act of probate, 1709.
Reference: MS.5982

Henry Owen
Physician and divine. Receipt of fee for preaching Fairchild's Vegetable Lecture at St Leonard, Shoreditch, 1767.
Reference: MS.7368/7

John Percy
Metallurgist. Letter describing the boilers of the Houses of Parliament, 1865.
Reference: MS.7400/80

Physician, London
Supposed copy account of plague epidemic by an anonymous physician, possibly the Great Plague of 1665. Possibly a forgery, c.1920.
Reference: MS.1719/2

David Boswell Reid
Inventor and chemist. Letter concerning the ventilation of the Houses of Parliament (Reid's principles regarding ventilation were used in the construction of the Parliament buildings), 1839.
Reference: MS.7471/1

Richard Relhan
Botanist and classicist. Letter to Messrs Lackington and Allen at the Temple of the Muses, Finsbury Square, seeking to purchase an elephant's tusk, 1807.
Reference: MS.7471/8

Albert Richard Smith MRCS (1816-1860)
Author, lecturer and traveller. Correspondence includes note with the letterhead "Albert Smith's Ascent of Mont Blanc", the long-running entertainment that Smith presented at the Egyptian Hall, 1852.
Reference: MS.7655/51

David Stafford-Clark
Notes and drafts for unpublished work ‘The Myth of Harley Street’, 1970s.
Reference: PP/DSC/B.3/5

Dr Septimus Sunderland
Letter concerning a correction to his Old London's spas, baths, and wells (1915), about the water supply to the old St Thomas's Hospital, 1924.
Reference: MS.7337/104

William Dancer Thane MRCS
Papers including indenture as apothecary's apprentice, certificates and admission tickets from Charing Cross Hospital and autobiography, 1857-1870.
Reference: MSS.5199-5200

John Turton
Royal physician, Adelphi. Probate of will, 1806.
Reference: MS.5156

David Urquhart
Diplomat. Correspondence, notes and cuttings, including details of Jermyn Street Turkish Bath, which Urquhart helped establish, and similar institutions (eg financial account of the Bath in Golden Square, 1860-1), 1821-92.
Reference: MSS.6236-7

T Vere Nicoll (1856-c.1922)
Diaries of London doctor, 1902-19.
Reference: GC/133

Edmund H Wilkie
Lantern-slide lecturer. Papers chiefly relating to history of lantern-slide lectures at the Royal Polytechnic Institution, 1879-96.
Reference: MS.5699


Archibald Cameron, Jacobite physician
Papers concerning his imprisonment in the Tower of London, 1755.
Reference: MS.6893

H Carter, Southwark doctor
Letters between central government and local physicians concerning cholera, including Carter, 1832.
Reference: MS.6793

Sarah Tully, Lady Hoare [and others]
"Book of Receipts for Cookery and Pastry & c", including medical, veterinary and household recipes, 1732-[?]. Sarah Tully was married to Sir Richard Hoare, banker and later Lord Mayor of London.
Reference: MS.8687

London Zoo
List of animal livers sent to Sir James Cantlie for analysis, 1897-1902.
Reference: MS.1723/5

"The Mock Doctor's Speech to the Credulous Mob in Covent Garden"
Anonymous satire, 18th century.
Reference: MS.5326

Sir HenryMorton Stanley, explorer
Admission ticket to Stanley's wedding in Westminster Abbey, 1890.
Reference: MS.7635/30

Thomas Williams, John Bishop and James May
Murderers. Miscellaneous papers relating to murder of persons in Smithfield area and sale of corpses for dissection, 1831.
Reference: MS.7058

Westminster Abbey
Undated note listing physicians buried or commemorated in Westminster Abbey, by the Dean (apparently Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Dean 1864-1881).
Reference: MS.7225

Boroughs included in central London

Camden (south of Euston Road)
Islington (south of Pentonville Road and City Road)
Hackney (south of Old Street)
Tower Hamlets (west of Brick Lane and Leman Street)
Southwark (north-west of a line drawn from Tower Bridge through Bricklayer's Arms to Elephant & Castle)
Lambeth (north of Lambeth Road)

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