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In November 2012, we launched this version of the Wellcome Library website. We removed a lot of old content, moved things around and added some new features. Now we are interested to hear about your experience using the website.

We'd like to hear about any broken pages/links, or your experiences using the digital player or the website in general. Your feedback will help us fix any problems that may occur.

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We’re inviting anyone interested to give us feedback in a very quick and simple way. As part of this panel, we’ll send out an email to you roughly once a month with a link to an online task. This could be anything, from looking at how an article is presented on a webpage to a short questionnaire about how you like to use your mobile phone. You don’t have to reply or carry out the task, but if you do, the feedback will go straight back to the team developing the work, helping them to improve it.

Everyone is welcome to join the user panel. If you’d like to then please sign up here.