This guide highlights primary source material about hospitals in London from the Archives and Manuscripts Collection.

These materials span from the 17th century to the 21st century, with most materials dealing with individuals and hospitals from the 19th century and 20th century. The Archives and Manuscripts catalogue holds further details of these items.

This guide excludes medical students' lecture notes and admission tickets, or testimonials etc of individuals applying for posts.

The Wellcome Library is not an approved place of deposit under the Public Records Act for classes of hospital records designated as public records for permanent retention and such records are not held here. The Wellcome/National Archives Hospital Records Database, provides information on the survival and location of hospital records in the UK.

For material on psychiatric hospitals, see the Psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis: institutions subject guide.

Annie McCall Hospital (formerly Clapham Maternity)
Letter, 1946.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.30

Belgrave Hospital for Children
Letter thanking Clinton Thomas Dent for service as Surgeon, 1904.
Reference: MS.7288/2

Bermondsey Medical Mission
Photos, correspondence, publications, 1940s-60s.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.29

BromptonHospital (formerly Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest)
Invitation to dinner at opening, 1847.
Reference: MS.7280/3

Case notes by Theodore Dyke Acland, 1893-1914.
Reference: MS.845

Photograph of inspection of tonal physical class for children, c.1937.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Sir Robert Macintosh, diaries of visits to anaesthetics department,  Sep 1938.
Reference: PP/RRM/C.8

Central London Ophthalmic Hospital
Draft announcement to the Times concerning enlargement of medical staff, no date.
Reference: MS.7826/29

Central Middlesex Hospital
Sir Francis Avery-Jones’s file, 1961-95, mainly on Gastroenterology Department and Research Unit.
Reference: GC/198/B/3/2

Charing Cross Hospital
Papers of Hugh Jolly, Consultant Paediatrician, 1960-83.
Reference: GC/143

Clapham Maternity Hospital
File in Medical Women’s Federation archive.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.30

Dreadnought Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich
Papers of Sir Patrick Manson, 1892-1900.
Reference: WTI/RST/F.40-55

Papers of Robert George Ranyard West, Assistant Physician, 1930-39.
Reference: PP/RRW/C.2-8

Elizabeth Garrett AndersonHospital (formerlyNew Hospital)
Historical articles and early memorabilia, centenary items, files on campaign to keep hospital open. 1900s-80s.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.44-48, C.215

Florence Nightingale Hospital
Photograph, booklets regarding its history.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.31

German Hospital, Dalston
Pharmacopaeia, 1845, case notes, 1890s-1950s and photographs of patients, 1890s-1900s. Also, questions arising at time of Second World War about staff, name, etc.
Reference: PP/FPW

Material relating to the hospital during the Second World War, including bomb damage, and photos of hospital occasions, etc. 1940s-50s
Reference: PP/RAS/A.2

Guy's Hospital
Pharmacopœia, 1743.
Reference: MS.6164

Pharmacopœia, in recipe collection, 1746.
Reference: MS.7152

List of wards at Guy's Hospital and pharmacopœia, in papers of Carr family. Mid-18th century.
Reference: MS.5203

Manuscript testimonial for Dr Oliver Barron, signed by senior figures at Guy's Hospital, 1803.
Reference: MS.7326/1

Case records of Guy's Hospital patients, amongst lecture notes etc, 1804-5.
Reference: MSS.1682-3

Case notes of Guy's Hospital patients, 1810.
Reference: MS.5267

Pharmacopœia, interleaved (Sir William Withey Gull's copy), 1838.
Reference: MS.2654

Material in Thomas Hodgkin papers.
Reference: PP/HO

Two Guy's Hospital cases treated by John Birkett 1873-4.
Reference: MS.6923

Dental school, anæsthetists' minute book, 1889-95.
Reference: MS.5977

Printed letter to a voluntary aid detachment (VAD) nurse detailing recent developments at Guy's Hospital, 1916.
Reference: MS.7891/1

W S Handley's notes on diagnosis and surgical techniques ay Guy's Hospital, 1894.
Reference: GC/152

Annual Reports of Bacteriological Department of Guy's Hospital, 1911-44 and two workbooks (1918-30) of medical supplies purchased by the Department.
Reference: GC/130
Full details in catalogue

Robert Henry Stewart Thompson’s files relating to his association with Guy's Hospital, 1935-67.
Reference: PP/RHT/A.7

Photographs, of Snowsfield Hut, new physiotherapy centre at Guy's Hospital, c.1967 and physiotherapists working with patients, 1972.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Materials for the proposed, unpublished, history - ‘The Guy’s Story: Personality of a Hospital’, by David Stafford-Clark, 1978-87.
Reference: PP/DSC/B.3/4

Professor Cyril Chantler: ‘Guy’s Hospital: A Case Study, 1985-1988’.
Reference: MS.8610

Hammersmith Hospital
Papers of Constance Wood as Director of Radium Beam Therapy Research and head of Radiotherapy Department, 1941-62, including the development of the medical cyclotron.
Reference: GC/95

Journals, reports, correspondence etc of John Gallop relating to the building of the medical cyclotron at Hammersmith Hospital, 1949-56.
Reference: GC/160

Papers of Sir Allen Daley while on the Board of Governors’ Finance Committee, Hammersmith Hospital, 1957-64.
Reference: PP/AWD

Brenda Morrison’s ‘Reminiscences of a woman doctor’ includes work at Hammersmith Hospital from 1949.
Reference: GC/240

Research in obstetric analgesia under auspices of National Birthday Trust Fund, 1952-7.
Reference: SA/NBT/H.5/3-4

Sir John McMichael’s file relating to his association with Hammersmith Hospital, 1955.
Reference: PP/JMM/E/1

Mary Catterall’s papers relating to her work as Consultant Radiologist, in charge of the Fast Neutron Clinic, Hammersmith Hospital, 1970-87.
Reference: PP/CAT

Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street
Casebook of Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake 1891-2.
Reference: MS.5794

Philip Rainsford Evans’ papers reflect his work at the hospital, and includes two files on its history.
Reference: PP/PRE

Photographs of the opening of the hydrotherapy pool at Great Ormond Street, 1965.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

See also the papers of Sir Thomas Barlow.
Reference: PP/BAR

Infants Hospital, Westminster
Autobiography of E C Pritchard, Medical Director, 1922-35.
Reference: GC/49

King's College Hospital
Gynaecological notes of Charles Kingsley Ackland, 1882.
Reference: MS.7209

Papers relating to Stanley Browne’s time as a medical student during the early 1930s.
Reference: WTI/SGB

Lambeth Hospital
Material on 1906 training of nurse Norah Woodman, plus Lambeth Infirmary/Hospital material, including annual reports, 1921-38.
Reference: GC/56

Lister Institute
One file concerning a proposed research hospital connected with, 1918-21.
Reference: SA/LIS/H.20

London Dispensary
Material concerning Thomas Hodgkin's service to.
Reference: PP/HO/D/B/47-50, I/B/3

(Royal) London Hospital
Letter asking that leeches be put on the abdomen of a patient, 1897.
Reference: MS.7294/2

Papers of Donald Hunter', 1915-65, include illustrated case notes, correspondence regarding student courses, wartime conditions, notes for history, photographs, from the (Royal) London Hospital.
Reference: PP/HUN

Physiotherapy students, c.1965.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

London Temperance Hospital
Casualty room card, 1916.

Records of nursing training at the London Temperance Hospital, plus brochure, c.1914-25.
Reference: GC/258

Marie Curie Hospital
Photographs, articles, memorabilia, reports, correspondence, visitors' book, 1930s-50s.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.32-42

Metropolitan Ear Nose and Throat Hospital
Sir Robert Macintosh’s diaries of visits to anaesthetics department, Sep 1938.
Reference: PP/RRM/C.8

Metropolitan Hospital
Lyon Falkener's application for post at, notebooks on administration of anaesthetics in operations, photographs, c.1896-7.
References: MSS.6803-5, 6807-8

Middlesex Hospital
Letter by Henry Warburton, radical politician, concerning hospital constitution, 1829.
Reference: MS.7337/105

Noel Gordon Harris’s files relating to his period at the Middlesex, 1938-59.
Reference: PP/NGH/4-13

Mile End Hospital
Survey of expectations and experience of day care abortion service, 1979.
Reference: PP/SIM

Mothers' Hospital, Clapton
Correspondence and historical note, 1947.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.43

National Heart Hospital
Sir James Keith Ross’s files, mainly to do with early heart transplantation operations, 1960s.
Reference: GC/238

National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Queen Square
W H McMenemy's abstracts of minutes, 1859-1964.
Reference: GC/83/13

New Hospital for Women
Case notes of Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake, 1895.
References: MS.5795 and SA/MWF/C.44-48

Northcourt Hospital for Sick Children
Testimonial to William Henry Ash as a member of the committee of management and a fund-raiser, c.1925.
Reference: MS.7903/2

Northwick Park Hospital
Photographs of physiotherapist and patients exercising in rehabilitation unit, c.1975.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Paddington General Hospital
Photographs of physiotherapy, c.1965.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Poplar and Stepney Sick Asylum, Bromley by Bow
Nurse training notebooks of  E J Thomas, c.1905-10.
Reference: GC/239

Putney Hospital
Materials relating to Campaign Against Closure, 1979-2004.
Reference: MS.8173

Queen Charlotte's Hospital
Research projects at, 1930s, Lady Rhys-Williams's files as governor, 1929-39.
Reference: SA/NBT

Leonard Colebrook's research notebooks on the spread and control of infection, 1935-9.
Reference: PP/COL/B.1-5

Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton
Photographs of physiotherapists working with amputees, 1972.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

Royal Belgrave Lying-In Hospital
Letter from a royal functionary, explaining that Queen Adelaide is unable to become a patron, 1833.
Reference: MS.7326/2

Royal Free Hospital
Letter concerning anniversary festival, 1850.
Reference: MS.7326/5

Casebook kept by Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake includes this institution, 1891-2.
Reference: MS.5794

Papers regarding nursing career, c.1914-25, of Elizabeth Batten, SRN, at the Royal Free and elsewhere, including photographs.
Reference: GC/80

Photographs taken in Department of Physical Medicine, c.1948, and of short-wave diathermy, c.1967.
References: SA/CSP/Q.1 and SA/MWF

St Bartholomew's Hospital
Receipts for rents of tenements in Smithfield, 1659- 65.
Reference: MS.5257

Pharmacopœia, 1743.
Reference: MS.6164

Typescript extracts from Court minutes of 1747 and 1821, made by Sir D'Arcy Power, c.1900.
Reference: MS.627

Letter by George North, numismatist and antiquary, to Dr Anthony Askew, Physician of St Bartholomew's Hospital, referring to Rahere, founder of St Bartholomew's, 1756.
Reference: MS.7368/5

Clinical notes probably by a House Physician of St Bartholomew's Hospital, including patients with gun-shot wounds inflicted during the Gordon Riots. 1777-81.
Reference: MS.4337

Letter sending patient for examination, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 1817.
Reference: MS.5258

Lease of premises in Smithfield to James Arnold, surgical instrument manufacturer, 1845.
Reference: MS.5272

Miscellaneous photographs, largely group portraits, 1893, no date.
Reference: MS.6809

Letter by Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton arguing for research laboratory, 1900.
Reference: MS.5970

Photographs of nurses of St Bartholomew's Hospital in Humphry Rolleston's album, 1879-88.
Reference: MS.6122/83,84,141

Clinical records by ECC Bramwell of four cases in Casualty Ward of St Bartholomew's Hospital, 1887.
Reference: MS.1342

Student lecture notes and case notes, of Ernest George Pringle, 1900-2.
Reference: GC/34

Lord Horder’s diaries of patient appointments at St Bartholomew's Hospital, 1907-55.
Reference: GP/31/D

Papers of Sir Anthony Bowlby, including correspondence regarding appeal for reconstruction, 1900-5.
Reference: GC/181/B

Records of psychotherapy group for St Bartholomew's Hospital dermatology patients run by S H Foulkes, 1946-50.
Reference: PP/SHF/C/4

St Christopher's Hospice
Ephemera, 1960s.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.49

St Francis Hospital, Dulwich
Photographs of physiotherapy and remedial gymnastics, c.1940.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

St George's Hospital, Hyde Park
Two receipts recording payments towards the support of the hospital, 1760, 1844.
Reference: MS.7903/3-4

Printed and illustrated ticket entering Thomas Mitchell as a student at St George's Hospital, London, signed by various medical figures including the anatomist John Hunter, 1786.
Reference: MS.7847/15

Henry Vandyke Carter, letters while medical student, 1848-53, journals and Demonstrator in Anatomy, 1848-52, 1857-8.
References: MS.5810, 5816, 5818

Casebook for which Heywood Smith awarded prize for Clinical Surgery, 1863.
Reference: MS.4635

Charles Hunter notice of election as Governor, 1863.
Reference: MS.6892

'Reminiscences of the Hospital at the corner' by Pamela Clewett, probationer nurse, 1939-45.
Reference: GC/41

St John's Hospital for Diseases of the Skin
Case notes by James Startin. 1877-80.
Reference: MS.6026

Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake, notes on Dr Dockrell's Clinical Demonstrations on skin diseases, 1890-1.
Reference: MS.908

St Mark’s Hospital
Papers of Sir Allen Daley while on the Board of Governors’ Finance Committee, 1957-64.
Reference: PP/AWD/D.2

St Mary's Hospital
Notes on three medical cases taken by Arthur Cyril Ransome, 1892.
Reference: MS.5983

Papers of Lord Moran, Dean of the Medical School, including some material regarding the development of the hospital and relations with the medical school, 1920-45.
Reference: PP/CMW

Files relating to co-education and exclusion of female medical students, 1924-6.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.15-16

Leonard Colebrook. Diary and some other material relating to his period at, 1920s-40s.
Reference: PP/COL/A.5

Papers of G W Pickering, Professor of Medicine, 1939-56.
Reference: PP/GWP

Peter Karl Lewin (born 1935). Memoir, 'A Chameleon of Sorts: Autobiographical Vignettes'. Includes an account of his life as a medical student and post-qualification at Paddington Green and other hospitals in the London area.
Reference: MS.8369

Dr John Dalziel Wyndham Pearce (1905-1994). Clinical psychiatrist. File of letters regarding appointment to posts and membership of Board of Governors, St Mary's Hospital, 1948-70.
Reference: GC/192/3

St Marylebone Infirmary (later St Charles's Hospital)
'Notes on Marylebone Infirmary 1910-1941' by Basil Hood, Medical Superintendent.
Reference: GC/21 [Scrapbook is in the Iconographic Collections of the Wellcome Library]

St Stephen’s Hospital
Photographs of physiotherapy.
Reference: SA/CSP/Q.1

St Thomas's Hospital
Clinical notes and Catalogus Medicamentorum, c.1730.
Reference: MS.4382

Pharmacopœia, 1743.
Reference: MS.6164

Pharmacopœia, in recipe collection, 1746.
Reference: MS.5752

Pharmacopœia, in collection of notes etc by John Parkinson of Wandsworth, c.1747.
Reference: MS.6148

Account book of Thomas Baker, Surgeon from 1739, naming apprentices, dressers and students, 1732-70.
Reference: MS.5781

John Coakley Lettsom. Fragment of autobiography including life as medical student at St Thomas's, 1766-7.
Reference: MS.3245

Papers on ownership of anatomical collection, 1825-9.
Reference: MS.7804

Theodore Dyke Acland, catalogue of specimens in Physiological Laboratory, c.1880, case notes including cases at St Thomas's, 1893-1914.
Reference: MSS.839, 845

Material in Thomas Hodgkin papers.
Reference: PP/HO/B75-85

Papers of William Walters Sargant include memoranda and correspondence regarding the administration of the Department of Pyschological Medicine, 1948, history of the department, 1948-65, and records of Sargant's research there 1948-72.
Reference: PP/WWS

Samaritan Hospital
Material in papers of W Sampson Handley.
Reference: GC/152

Scottish Hospital, Crane Court, Fleet Street
Papers relating to administrative and financial affairs, 1799-1843.
Reference: MS.6825

South London Hospital
Material on founder, Maud Chadburn, plus correspondence about and photos of the hospital, and Chadburn's manuscript account of its history, 1900s-70s.
Reference: SA/MWF/C.50-51

University College Hospital
Case notes and records of research of Sir George Pickering, Department of Clinical Research 1930s.
Reference: PP/GWP/C.3/1-2

Set of photographs, c.1920.
Reference: GC/213/C/1

R D Harkness's notebooks of ward rounds, etc, as medical student, 1940s.
Reference: GC/82

Research projects sponsored by National Birthday Trust Fund, 1960s.
Reference: SA/NBT

Unnamed London Hospital
Physician’s Register 1901.
Reference: GC/115

Victoria Hospital for Children, Chelsea
Appointment of C J Martin as Pathologist and J Ledingham as Assistant Pathologist, 1906-11.
Reference: SA/LIS/K.2

Western Fever Hospital, Fulham
Lyon Falkener's miscellaneous case notes, notes on cases of scarlet fever, typhus and the treatment of fevers, statistics, 1893-1901.
Reference: MSS.6802, 6806

Westminster Hospital
Tape and transcript of 1993 interview with former colleagues of Sir Stanford Cade about radiotherapy at the hospital and changes in the NHS.
Reference: GC/171

Wellcome archives
Archives of the Historical Medical Museum include material relating to histories of, and on artefacts relating to, a number of London hospitals.
Reference: WA/HMM

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