The Library can be exceptionally busy between April-June. We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but we may need to turn away day visitors if all study spaces are full.

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Services and facilities

Find out about the facilities available to Library visitors, including WiFi, copying and scanning. Services to researchers and other libraries worldwide are also described.

Copying and imaging

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen looking into an X-ray screen placed in front of a man's body and seeing the ribs and the bones of the arm. Chromolithograph. Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Computers, printing and WiFi

A lady in Indian dress looking at herself in a mirror. Gouache painting.  Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Study rooms

The interior of a dissecting room: five students and/or teachers dissect a cadaver. Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Inter-library loans

Nineteenth century watercolour of a Sikh horseback rider Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Contact us

A man representing the remedy Finidol rescues another man from the clutches of an octopus. Colour lithograph after René Vincent. Credit: Wellcome Library, London