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Shoreditch 1930

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch]

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number of water-closets to serve these houses are built yearly as a result of action
taken by the Sanitary Authority.
In the few cases in which the water-closet is not within the curtilage, the house
abuts upon a yard not used as a general thoroughfare.
V.—Unhealthy Areas.
During the year 1919 the following areas were represented as insanitary under
Part I of the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890:—
1. Ware Street area, 14.2 acres in extent, comprising Phillip Street, Louisa
Square, part of Whitmore Road, part of Hoxton Street, Smart's Buildings, Barrett's
Buildings, Byng's Buildings, Wilmer Gardens, Louisa Street, Watson's Place, Ware
Street, Nancy Street, Adelaide Place, Canal Road (south side), Mill Row, Halcombe
Place, Halcombe Street, Reeves Place and Nuttall Street. The number of houses
in the area is 574, but about 80 were empty and more or less in ruins. The average
population for the five years ending 1918 was estimated at 5,000.
A scheme for the improvement of part of this area was made by the London
County Council in May, 1920. The area included in this scheme was 9.2 acres on
which a population of 2,621 occupied 349 houses.
A local Enquiry was held at the Town Hall in November, 1920. The scheme
was approved by the Ministry of Health in June, 1922. Work upon the scheme was
commenced in the Summer of 1924. By the end of 1930 the number of blocks of
dwellings completed was 11, containing 319 tenements.
Two further blocks were in course of erection at the end of 1930, one in Kingsland
Road, and one in Phillip Street. Eight sites included in the scheme still remain
to be dealt with.
2. Britannia Gardens area, 1.68 acres in extent, comprising Britannia Gardens,
Canton Terrace, Kingsnorth Place, Pimlico Walk, and Pounds Buildings. Included
in this area are 114 houses with a population of about 560 persons.
3. Drysdale Place area, 2.19 acres in extent, including Crooked Billet Yard,
Dodsley's Folly, Drysdale Place, Eliza Place, Windsor Place, and part of Drysdale
Street, comprising 104 houses with an estimated population of 520 persons. A
number of the houses in Windsor Place are derelict.
4. Lynedoch Street area, 1.8 acres in extent, comprising Lynedoch Street
and Ely Place, including 152 houses with about 900 persons.
5. Wilks Place area, 0.56 acres in extent, including Barton Court, Wilks Place
and Wilks Court; the houses number 47 with an estimated population of 230 persons.
In January, 1921, the London County Council intimated to the Borough Council
that this area would not be the subject of an improvement scheme for, say, seven

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